What it's all about

These days growing your business and profits depends on using digital sales & marketing to best effect. With customer journeys through online sales funnels becoming increasingly complex, it’s essential to structure these to deliver optimal results. Your funnel is the sales path that you want your web visitors to take when they first find you, and follow to become a repeat buyer of your products or services.

Achieving extraordinary business results comes from putting effective sales funnel and digital strategies in place. Understanding the journey customers take when they buy from you is critical for business success. While you will never control what prospective customers do, you can influence it and take control.

A Tool to Optimise Your Sales Funnel

Digital Scorecard enables you to explore what your online sales funnel currently looks like and what you need to do to optimise it.

Digital Scorecard tells you how well you are doing at the three key Online Sales and Marketing processes:

- Lead Generation
- Lead to Sale
- After Sales

By answering a series of questions cover all the elements in these 3 processes you can see where you are doing well and where you can do better. The Digital Scorecard Framework helps you to get the complete picture for how you are using digital in your business and where you can improve. It's a tool for optimising your online sales funnel to increase your profits and blow away the competition.

We have several products and services to help businesses from books to Digital Scorecard Diagnostic to consulting services, implementation and training. They are all designed around using digital along the customer journey to drive business growth.



What it is all about

In a nutshell, Digital Scorecard provides analysis on the fundamental elements of the online sales funnel including Lead Generation, Lead to Sales and After Sales. You just measure, learn and then build what’s missing. Using our digital sales and marketing framework as guidance, you find out where the gaps are in your business and fill them to strengthen your business success. It’s easy to use but the results are dramatic.

So far the majority of businesses that have done the Digital Scorecard find that they are weakest in the After Sales process. This is the most important process for a successful business as it will drive sales and profitability. It is good business practice to sell to those who have already made a purchase and to encourage referrals. A typical dashboard from a Digital Scorecard is shown below.


Lead Generation

How well are you doing at Lead Generation? Which of the many digital tools could you use to improve?


Lead to Sales

The lifeblood of all businesses. How much could you improve your sales by tweaking how you use digital?


After Sales

The most important process for any established business. You have customers so as to get referrals. Why are so many businesses not getting more referrals?

Digital Scorecard Features

  • 21 key areas and tools reviewed along the customer journey through the online sales funnel
  • A visual measurement of your performance and scorecard led action plan
  • Easy to use road-map to show you what you need to focus on and do next
  • Be a marketing expert on your business in Minutes using our 20 page PDF
  • Get new clients, and turn your business into a thriving and flourishing enterprise

This system is suitable for all types of businesses, whether you sell a physical product, a digital product
or even an experience. It also makes you a better buyer of digital services as you are clear on what you need to
happen in your business.

Our process can be taken on a self-assessment basis or you can work on it with a consultant who will then work
through what you need to do to improve your use of digital.

Powerful Benefits

Why Are So Many Businesses Using Digital Scorecard?

The Answer is Simple... With it’s clear road-map, a 20 page report on the current sales and
marketing health of your business, and the ability to transform any business into a flourishing enterprise with
a constant stream of customers, it’s the #1 choice for businesses regardless of size.


We built this so that you can see exactly what’s required to improve your lead generation and sales cycle and stop
that struggle to find new clients. You’ll gain access to an effective online sales funnel with increased profits and business growth.


Our analysis tool lets you literally build the missing elements and fill the gaps for greater marketing success.
The easy to use survey turns you into your own digital sales and marketing expert.


Our system provides the framework and you measure where you are on it, then you follow the road-map to success.
Before you know it, you’ll be an expert in online sales and marketing and be able to apply these to any online business for success.


Not only will Digital Scorecard help you to understand what’s missing from your sales and marketing system,
it will guide you on how to fill the gaps. You’ll know precisely which service to buy from service providers… You’ll be the expert!


Keeping both marketing and sales in alignment takes a lot of work. Many businesses spend hours with both teams
in a room, collaborating, communicating and brainstorming.

There are plenty of ‘feelings’ that this isn’t getting done or there’s an issue with that. A lot of actions will
be noted on yellow sticky notes. These may get actioned on, or they may end up at the back of somebody’s
drawer – never to see the light of day again.

Digital Scorecard clearly identifies where the issues lie, provide metrics to improve and a clear structured and proven road-map on
how to do that. We designed our system so that you can get started fast with a robust sales and marketing system.
It’s focused on lead generation, lead conversion and sales. All you have to do is answer questions on your current
online sales funnel, get your report and then decide on your action plan and implement it. Once you’ve used this system,
you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it as it provides clarity and excellent results.

All your teams can work towards one goal with this clear route to follow

  • Lead generation done right
  • Lead conversion done right
  • After sales done right

Digital Scorecard consists of 3 key areas


How well you are doing at lead generation? What’s missing and what need to be improved?


The lifeblood of all businesses. How much could you improve your sales by tweaking your approach?


The most important process for any established business. You have customers that you can gain referrals from. Find out how

Once you have worked through our detailed
marketing and sales framework you will generate a bespoke:


A personalised Digital Scorecard and process map based on a series of questions about your business. See where you are doing well and where you can improve your online sales funnel.


Based on your personalised Digital Scorecard you will receive advice and suggestions for improvement. The process makes this easier to understand and also implement.


As a result of the Digital Scorecard actions can now be taken to make improvements. Your action plan can be clearly prioritised and linked to your customer journey.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is the starting point of your online sales funnel. Without leads there are no customers and without customers there is no business. A fundamental regardless of whether you are business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B).


Three Key Elements

Successful lead generation will be the result of getting the right traffic to a webpage that is designed to encourage leads to engage as well as having an appropriate lead magnet. Success or failure will be determined by how you combine these three elements.


Customer Profile

The alignment of your customer profile with how you run your business and manage the three key process will dictate your success at generating leads. Get it right and it is plain sailing, get it wrong and you can tell quickly by looking at your bottom line.

Lead to Sales

Getting leads is all well and good but pointless if you do not convert them into paying customers. You make a sale to get a customer and you know how valuable that is to your business. In the lead to sales process you can use many digital and non-digital tools to help. Yes, the more digital you use the more important some of the non-digital tools are. All covered in the lead to sales process.

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After Sales

For established businesses after sales is where it all starts. Satisfied customers are more profitable customers. Each customer should lead your business to another customer. Are you making sure of this?

With Digital Scorecard you can find out how well you are doing
all along your customer journey though the online sales funnel. Not only that but you can also set targets and
decide where you need to address. A key input to your digital strategy.

Get Visitors - traffic from your target customer
Customer Profiling - profile of your ideal customers
Webpage Design - pages designed to get leads
Audience Building - building audiences of your target customers
Lead Magnet - Offering something of value to your customers
Re-marketing - marketing to webpage visitors
Awareness & Interest - Become known

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CRM System - the heart of sales and marketing
Deliver the Lead Magnet - delivering on your promise
Re-marketing to Leads - marketing to your leads
Lead Follow-up - making sure sales are not lost
Lead Email Sequence - informing and influencing your leads
An App - Software to help your customers
Post Newsletter - remaining in touch with your leads
E-commerce - making it easy for customers to buy
Trust & Relationship - Help people believe in you

After Sales Follow-up - tying up any loose end
Customer Email Sequence - maintaining a close relationship
Referral Programme - getting customers to refer your business
Customer Newsletter - keeping customers informed
Consumption - Help customers get the most out of your product

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