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    Let’s be honest, it is hard to make Digital work for business growth. There is no silver bullet. You can often be left with the feeling that you are missing out, even when you know better. You’re not alone. 

    We have worked with many business owners and managers and find similar patterns. Even e-commerce companies (70% of our clients) have challenges. The only way to make Digital work is to consistently work at it in a structured way.

    But to stay focused can be draining. We all need inspiration, tools not to mention guidance to stay the course.

    It is with this in mind that our programmes have been designed. All of them include live sessions and ongoing support as we find that it the vital ingredient to staying the course.

    All built on real experience as well as working with many SME’s along the way.

How we can help

Business Owners Group

For Business Owners to learn and share experiences with other business owners  click for details.

Grow Your Business Online

For sales & marketing responsible to share and learn with each other click for details.

Digital Scorecard Frameworks

Tools and methods to help you better understand and structure your Digital options click for details

Services for business growth

A summary of the services we offer to help small to medium size businessesclick for details

Small businesses

Small businesses

    We like small to medium sized businesses and their owners.

We have worked with many SME businesses and learned how to best support their work with Digital.

Your Success

Your Success

    We don’t want to sell a programme to you, we really do want you to succeed.

As you will see all of what we do is designed for your success.

Based on Real Experience

Based on Real Experience

    All of what we do is based on real experience and things we have done ourselves.

We work with B2B, B2C and E-commerce companies.

successful Digital Strategy

We have all been there. Made a great energetic start to get mediocre results and then between lack of belief and lack of energy we stop.

This is now the norm from what we see with businesses. And it makes sense for a number of reasons from the learning pit to how habits are formed to the dopamine effect.

To be successful with your Digital implementation you need to overcome these obstacles and also know where to start.

You can view a video on what Digital Strategy means to us based on our experience of working with SME’s to make digital work.


    We often find that while starting is not easy, keeping going and gaining momentum can be a real challenge.
    This is where we come into the picture. We have experience in helping companies design and  implement their digital strategy.
    We have designed programmes around what we have implemented ourselves. They are all designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of implementation.

Business Owners

We run a group for Business Owners.

It includes business owners that want to develop their business, knowledge and skills. They also find great value in the group setting of sharing and  discussing business goal and challenges.

We meet monthly online and twice per year in-person.

“Sales and Marketing are coming together to work with the same plan in a way that we have not done before. We have a better idea for of how we can work together!”

– Kenth Hallberg – Sales Director SARomics

“This has been a real eyeopener for us. We have connected Digital  with the work we do every day and it has been a really meaningful journey. This will definitely help our business grow.

– Gunnel Smedsted – CEO MBTskor Sverige

Grow Your Business Online

We run a group for Sales & Marketing responsible in their company.

We meet monthly online and twice per year in-person.

Each member has support when they need it as well as getting inspiration, ideas and advice from other members.

The Academy

We run two main programmes.

    Digital Accelerator Programme is for those that want to cover all the principles. It can be a great refresher or a great starting point. Some do this programme to learn and others to implement. We cover areas like getting more leads, digital advertising, CRM, reviews and surveys.

    Implement Great Ideas Series is one where we select some great concepts and focuses on helping you to implement them into your business. This is for you who needs a kick start, to get inspired and bring  new life into the business. 

The Framework

This is where we started. Edward had a lot of success in selling online with Digital products. He then turned to the home improvement sector, kitchen sales in particular, and found the process worked for them also. Doubling their lead flow in 2 months and tripling it in 3.  To explain how it worked Edward wrote a book, not by design but it evolved and from it the Digital Scorecard Framework. It helps company’s to have a holistic view of their business and their use of Digital in your particular. See the animation for a summary.

The best place to start is with Digital Scorecard Lite before moving on to the Digital Scorecard Pro for a detailed review. We use this Framework in many of our programmes as it helps businesses prioritise and have structure.

The Digital Scorecard Framework is also a major part of the programmes we run with Government Agencies and Advisors. You can find more details on these programmes here.

Watch the animation, it steps through the Frameworks (10 sec)


We like working with SME’s and are focused on them. Most of our clients are business owners or those responsible for implementing Digital.

70% of our clients are using e-commerce or getting clients online. They tend to be serious about using Digital to support or make sales and grow their business.

All our programmes are designed with getting results in mind but we recognise that some like to learn and then decide what to implement or not which is why we work with you based on where you are in your business.

If you are a business owner or manager in a small to medium size business that is serious about Digital for sales and marketing then we are probably a good option for you.

What to do now?

Where you are in your journey will dictate where to start and here is a guide.

  1. If you are keen to Grow Your Business check out this page  click here.
  2. To learn more about how we help our clients check out the page, Digital Scorecard Services>>>
  3. To get to know us what not join one of our Events click here for Events Listing
  4. If you have an urgent question or need click to contact us.

Are my results guaranteed?

Like anything in life, you will get out of this programme what you put into it. While we do offer a money-back guarantee, the results you get are up to you. We can promise that if you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results as all our customers have.

Can I bring a team member along?

Memberships are individual but we do offer a very good option for more than 1 member. In many cases we advise the business owner and market manager to be in their respective groups and have a compelling offer for that.

If you join a module or even a full programme such as the Digital Accelerator Programme you can bring a team member(s) to each live session and we will also add them to the the module access. We recommend this as you will find it easier and better to implement when the team is in the programme. We often find the owner and marketing manager in the programme is a good option.

Can I share with a friend?

The insights you gain will definitely be share-worthy, but the activities are only for those that join the programme. In order for your friends to get the best results, we recommend they join one of the memberships or take a module or programme themselves.

How many will be in the live sessions?

We want your experience to be interactive and personal, so we limit each group to suit. To make sure you get the attention you need we mix the live sessions with the modules and the in App support as well as live calls. It is all designed to give you the best possible chance to learn and succeed.

I love this programme and want more, what other programmes do you run?

We’re so glad you loved this programme. We run a community group for business owners and another for marketing managers. Joining one of these can be the best way to get access to all of our support and programmes.

Join the community

    We run a community for those interested in using Digital Strategy for business growth on Discord. You are welcome to join.