This book is for you if you want to stop wasting time and money on digital and see 

real examples in action in your industry. 


      This is not just a collaborative workbut also a very pragmatic review of how digital fits into a business. All too often we hear about all the new and fancy digital tools and how they are "game-changers". As most of us know there is no one "game-changer". A sound business is based on getting and retaining customers.   


      This book provides this as a backdrop for digital. When you read this book you can then see how digital can be applied to your business. 


      One of the other unique facits of this book is that it covers several industries with experts within these industires providing their input. While having a theoretic backdrop is needed, there is nothing like real industry examples and sanity checks. It means that many can now finally relate to digital and use it to their benefit.


       The starting point is not digital. I know this may seem odd given the title but with good reason. The book is not trying to sell any new digital tool or product. Therefore we start with the business. Then when that is clear we show how digital fits in. There is little value in looking at any tools until the basic fundamentals of a business are covered. In this case we cover how businesses attract customers. Then we cover digital as a means to assist with that process. While it is not as simple as that since the book also covers different scenarios for Customer Journeys, that is the basic premise.


Understand how you get customers = understand how you can best use digital in your business.   



What others say 


      While you need to make up your own mind and we can list many testimonials below we have picked 3, each from a different perspective, client, Management Consultant and Academia to help you. 


“What struck me with Digital Scorecard was the overview. While we have been using digital for years, when I saw the overview (Framework) for our business I could see the situation analysis at a glance. The Digital Scorecard gave us real clarity and allowed us to concentrate on the areas that needed immediate attention and it brought home how much more effective we could be."


Niall Cuthbert, Managing Director, Cash & Carry Kitchens Limited (Irelands largest kitchen retailer).


“Digital Scorecard offers a unique digital tool for consultants to advise clients in the areas of digital transformation, strategy, and sales & marketing. Not only does the tool add an additional dimension to our consultant toolbox, it provides significant value for our clients to initiate their digital agendas, or improve and adjust their existing ones”. 


Givi Kokaia, Management Consultant, Kunskapspartner AB, Lund. 


"For the past 30 year across the globe, Balanced Scorecard has provided real business value in many if not all industries. Lately Business Model generation has taken up the mantle and greatly improved the result of business model engineering again globally and across many industries.

Now we have come across Digital Scorecard which is here to provide the same value but with a focus on digital in improving lead generation, sales and customer care, all of which are of paramount importance for most companies globally as well as in most if not all industries. Digital Scorecard provides both an analysis of the current performance of a company and concrete suggestions for implementing efficient sales and marketing processes. It is surprisingly easy to use and cuts through a lot of the jargon frequently associated with digital. It reduces the knowledge barrier but holds to a high standard, I highly recommend it."


Prof Carl-Henric Nilsson, Lund University


A Unique Book 


      The book, The No BS-Guide on Using Digital in Your Customer Journey, is unique in many ways. First of all it provides a unique look at Customer Journeys in 12 industries with input from those industries. Secondly it shows how digital can be used along a Customer Journey. On reading it you can better understand how digital can be used in your business, saving you time and money.The author is a practicioner of over 20 years and the book is based on first hand knowledge, not theory.


      The book covers a great deal of content. And yes, it is not light bedtime reading. But if you are serious about digital this may be the one book that will make all the difference. The level of digital knowledge of readers does not matter as all that is needed is an interest in knowing about digital and how it can be applied in a business.


        The book is in full colour and has been designed with the reader in mind. The key points are highlighted so you can browse or read in detail. In fact it is becoming for many a reference book on how digital relates to making sales.


Take a Look 


      Have a quick look at the book for yourself in this video. As you will see it is a unique book in terms of design and content

Key Content

  • How customer buying habits have changed
  • The importance of understanding your Customer Journey
  • 12 Industry Customer Journeys
  • Using Digital along a Customer Journey
  • The Anatomy of a Digital Strategy  
  • How to review your use of digital 
  • Templates and links to online resources

When Published

May 2018
(first edition reviews March 2018)


Dr Edward Nugent with help from many contributors as listed in the book



Book Cost


Pre-order a copy today at the pre-launch price of €9.95 - FREE delivery. 



      So there is no excuse not to pre-order your copy today. If you are in business  and serious about getting to grips with digital this book was designed for you.





"Det är min övertygelse att alla olika typer av organisationer – såväl kommersiella som ideella – framgångsrikt kan utveckla sin digitala resa med hjälp av Digital Scorecard. Digital Scorecard är ett genuint och lättanvänt verktyg som tar ett helhetsgrepp från nuläge till ökad digital framgång. Med denna som guideline har det nog aldrig varit enklare att landa och utveckla en digital strategi i en organisation."

Stina Nordström, Biträdande generalsekreterare och kommunikationschef, SPF Seniorerna.





The Author 

Edward Nugent

With 20 years of experience in digital, Dr Edward Nugent is the author of the book. Edward is the founder of several successful businesses across Europe and he is a guest lecturer at Lund University, Sweden. Edward assists businesses implement Sales & Marketing Systems. He also dsigned Digital Scorecard which is a way to find out how well a business is using digital. The focus is on what tools to use and how to support sales along the customer journey. This system now used by many Management Consultants. Edward currently lives in Ireland but undertakes most of his work in Scandinavia and Europe. Edward has a PhD in business strategy from Cranfield University, UK.