It is Time to Take Action

At our Academy, there is a safe place to dig deep and improve your success with Digital





    All programmes are designed to help you not just learn but to make use of the knowledge. Using your experience and business context you will see how you can better leverage your new skills and even implement during each programme.

  1. Live sessions to answer specific questions you have;
  2. Group learning as others will have different questions that you can also learn from;
  3. Support to make sure you don’t get stuck

    It’s time to get the support you need to make use of Digital for your business growth.

The Digital Academy is included for founder members of:

Business Owners Group

– Marketing Managers Group


    All programmes in the Digital Academy are included free of charge for the members of our Business Owners and Marketing Groups.

This benefit is for founding members that join before end 2022. Naturally you can test a module in any programme and we will credit you the cost if you then become a member.

Our Digital Academy Programmes

– The Digital Accelerator Programme

– Implement Good Ideas Programme

– Digital Scorecard for Consultants


      This is a comprehensive programme that we have split into 4 Modules. You can take all 4 or take 1, you decide. The modules all cover the aspects that make up a Digital Strategy.

    Each Module runs for 4 weeks with live online sessions each week. Each Module is backed up with online content that you can use as needed in addition to the live sessions.

    We break it down so you are both learning and implementing. We take you through the concepts and you have tasks to do to make them your own.

    The Modules are based on getting engines for growth working in your business. They include:

  1. Setting up an Engagement Engine
  2. Building a Sales Engine
  3. Having a Reviews Engine
  4. Scaling your business

    We have several options with this programme:

  1. Join the full programme
  2. Try one module to start
  3. Access as part of your membership (founding members only in 2022)

    We also offer this programme to larger firms as part of a specific programme for your enterprise team.

For more details click here.


      We have all experienced it. We saw or read about something great for our business and then…  nothing.

    So we plan to do something about this.

    If an idea is a good one and will help your business, why not implement it? This programme will help you do just that.

    Each module takes 4-6 weeks with one live session per week.


    My favourite and most recommended book of 2021. The concept is simple, structure your information based on questions you client have.

    Implementing is hard and it is easy to get lost. So we have designed a 6-week programme for this. We have also examples and video software that will help you get results.

Starting first week November 2022.


    We all know getting results with Digital is more of a marathon than a sprint. But sometimes you need a kick-start to get things started.

    That is exactly what this module is all about. It covers the modules from the Accelerator programme as themes. The themes can be websites, CRM, sorting your measurements and data etc.

Starting November 2022.

Digital Scorecard for consultants

      This is a certified programme to help consultants get a deeper understanding of Digital in sales & marketing. The aim is to equip consultants with knowledge to help and be a speaking partner to their clients.

    It is an online programme with 3 modules. The programme covers the Digital Scorecard Framework in the context of creating a digital strategy.

    Upon successful completion of the programme there is a test so you can then be certified. The test is to ensure the principles are known and the certification is of value.

To find out more click here.


    To be successful with any Digital implementation you need to overcome many obstacles. We often find that while starting is not easy, it is easier than keeping going.

    This is where we come into the picture. We have experience in helping companies design and  implement their digital strategy.

    We have designed programmes around what we have implemented ourselves. They are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of implementation.

How we work

Live Sessions

    You will have questions so live sessions is an important part of how we work. Most programmes have at least 4 live session and many have more including follow-up sessions to help you succeed.

Group Learning

    Learning with others helps in many ways. Others often have different questions and perspectives that you can also learn from. This often sparks of different thinking for your own business.


    Ongoing support is provided as it is often small things where you can get stuck. These moments need to be overcome quickly. You will have access to an area in our App for fast support.

“Sales and Marketing are coming together to work with the same plan in a way that we have not done before. We have a better idea for of how we can work together!”

– Kenth Hallberg

“We have gotten a structure, we are pushed forward, and in parallel we have learned to see our business in a different perspective and we get help along the way.

– Gunnel Smedsted

Are my results guaranteed?

Like anything in life, you will get out of this programme what you put into it. While we do offer a money-back guarantee, the results you get are up to you. We can promise that if you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results as all our customers have.

Can I bring a team member along?

Memberships are individual but we do offer a very good option for more than 1 member. In many cases we advise the business owner and market manager to be in their respective groups and have a compelling offer for that.

If you join a module or even a full programme such as the Digital Accelerator Programme you can bring a team member(s) to each live session and we will also add them to the the module access. We recommend this as you will find it easier and better to implement when the team is in the programme. We often find the owner and marketing manager in the programme is a good option.

How many will be in the live sessions?

We want your experience to be interactive and personal, so we limit each group to suit. To make sure you get the attention you need we mix the live sessions with the modules and the in App support as well as live calls. It is all designed to give you the best possible chance to learn and succeed.

I love this programme and want more, what other programmes do you run?

We’re so glad you loved this programme. We run a community group for business owners and another for marketing managers. Joining one of these can be the best way to get access to all of our support and programmes.

What to do now?

Where you are in your journey will dictate where to start, here is a guide.

  1. If you are ready to join a programme, complete the form on the particular programme or this one here.
  2. If you are ready to join one of our Membership groups go the membership page that suits you, Business Owners Group or Sales & Marketing Group.
  3. If you have an urgent question or need – contact us directly
  4. If you have been to one of our seminars – download the App

Join the community

    We run a community for those interested in using Digital Strategy for business growth on Discord. You are welcome to join.