A Programme Especially For Business Owners and Managers

Learn with other Business Owners, share experiences and take control of your Digital Journey

Introducing our…

Business Owners



    This is a small group of business owners that regularly meet to to boost their knowledge of Digital and share experiences.

– Quarterly meetings

– 2 online meetings in April & November

– 2 Full day in-person meetings in January and August (Lund, Sweden)

– One-to-on support in between, as you need it or when you get stuck

Putting you in Control

    During our group meetings we mix the discussion about individual challenges and goals with various themes on Digital. the aim is to increase Digital knowledge and understanding as well as helping to take action.

    January and August meetings are in-person full day meetings. The 2 online meetings at held on the 3rd Thursday of the month 14:00-16:00 CET / 1-3pm UK/Ireland.

Meeting with an extra focus on members goals, plans and challenges are in January and August.

The online meetings are a good opportunity for check-ins 

Membership in SEA Digital (the Association) is included. This gives you access to weekly topic meetings.
The aim is not to make you an expert in all areas but to enable you to feel in control of your Digital Journey. 

Regular Meet-ups

    Many business owners find it hard and often uninspiring to work with Digital. It can also be lonely. Therefore we meet regularly to inspire, help with new ideas and support with practical advice.


    Learning with others helps in many ways. Other members usually have different questions and perspectives that you can learn from. This often sparks  different thinking for your own business.


    This is not a discussion group, this is a group that is looking for results. We support when needed with one to one meetings to make sure that you are moving forward and not getting stuck.

“Sales and Marketing are coming together to work with the same plan in a way that we have not done before. We have a better idea for of how we can work together!”

– Kenth Hallberg

“We have gotten a structure, we are pushed forward, and in parallel we have learned to see our business in a different perspective and we get help along the way.

– Gunnel Smedsted

Benefits and Membership Pricing

Improve your knowledge of Digital

Discussing your own plans

Being updated on Digital developments

Learning with other business owners

Get inspiration and Feel Energised

Membership price is €1,500 / year

We currently have 9 members and plan to have a maximum of 20 members.

Getting Results

    To be successful with any Digital implementation you need to overcome many obstacles. We often find that while starting is not easy, it is also hard to keeping going.
    This is where we come into the picture. We have experience in helping companies design and  implement their digital strategy.
    We have designed programmes around what we have implemented ourselves. They are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of implementation.
    Membership also includes guidance with implementation as well as an understanding of many tools that you can use to improve your business.

How much do I need to know about Digital to join?

The knowledge of Digital is not that important. If needed you can always join some modules. The most important thing is attitude to learn and a curiosity.

Can I bring a team member along?

This Group is only for owners/CEOs. We have learned that as a leader of a business the challenges are different from the ones of the person executing Digital. We have a separate and specific group for marketing responsible staff.

I have just started my company, is this for me?

Probably not since a Start up has different challenges from an established business. For start-ups we suggest joining one of our Programmes, click here.

Is this a lot of hard work?

Like anything in life, you will get out of this programme what you put into it. We have found that a group setting helps to energise participants especially if you feel stuck, to inspire when things are hard and that the learnings in the end are more fun than hard work.

What to do now?

Where you are in your journey will dictate where to start.

  1. If you are ready to join a group get in touch today via this form, click here.
  2. If you have an question or need – contact us directly.

Join the community

    We run a community for those interested in using Digital Strategy for business growth on Discord. You are welcome to join.