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Being a business owner and working with Digital is not easy. We have met with many over the years, over 1,000 in seminars we ran and close to 200 in workshops. We find most fit into one of 3 stages that you may identify with. We help you depending on where you are:

  1. Just starting out and need to find your way. If you find you are looking for answers to questions such as what does Digital mean to us? Where do we start? What do we need to do to get going? Then this is the initial stage to build a foundation and a vital one to start with. One of the easiest places to start is to do a quick test, for more details click here.
  2. Implemented some but on a sort of ad-hoc way. You get the feeling that you are not getting it right and would like to join up your thinking for full scale implementation of Digital. It is often the case that everyone in the team knows how Digital works for your business. Some things have worked and some have not. You are tired of the one step forward and one step back process and want to build your business for the future in a systemised way. For more details on how we helped others in this situation click here.
  3. You are ready to go all in. You know Digital is the future for your business and want to go for it. Here the focus is on setting a business design in place that has a shared vision in the company. Joined up implementation is the focus as well as understanding how it all hangs together. To learn more on how we helped others design their business for a Digital world click here.

First time I’ve heard a marketing based strategy to REALLY be based on the customer purchase psychology

– Past participant

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Over 200 companies have taken part in our programmes so far. Some have joined our seminars to get started, others have worked with us in smaller groups and a special few are private clients.

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The Team Behind Digital Scorecard

Supporting clients on their Digital journey

Edward Nugent  |  Kajsa Nordstrom

Kajsa with her many years experience as a Head of Marketing uses this experience to help small & medium size business. Her marketing and psychology training helps make these programmes better.

Edward has launched many business and is the founder of Digital Scorecard. He works with helping customers develop their business with an eye for how to use Digital.

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