If you are interested in Digital Scorecard and would like to be a part of how it evolves as well as getting regular updates including a copy of the newsletter Digital Scorecard Digest, then the Digital Scorecard Community may be just for you.

      The Digital Scorecard Community is a platform to find out more as well as to contribute. New content will be released as well as a discussion forum. It is where we will be discussing the new developments and deployments of Digital Scorecard.

      The Digital Scorecard Community is ideal for consultants that are using or starting to use Digital Scorecard and those that wish to know more. Those in businesses that are working with digital will also find it to be of value. Not only will it be a learning opportunity but also a means to stay ahead. 

      Register your interest by completing the form to the right. You will then receive more information and an invite to join Digital Scorecard Community as soon as it is launched in 2017. 

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