Consultants & Advisors

      For consultants ready to secure more clients, Digital Scorecard enables you to reach beyond websites and social media to delve deeper into digital strategy for businesses — something that’s vital in this age of digital transformation.


Digital Strategy Tools to Increase the ROI for Your Clients.

This digital toolkit and training will help you to:

  1. Take your consultancy business to the next level
  2. Provide more value to your clients
  3. Run digital strategy strategy sessions with a clear ROI
  4. Command a higher rate from your clients

    We have found the Digital Scorecard toolset and training has enabled our consultancy business to offer even more value to our clients. Together with Edward we have run a Digital strategy process and taken hundreds of companies through our joint effort to great success.

– Givi Kokaia, Kunskapspartner, Lund, Sweden

What is Digital Scorecard

Digital Scorecard is a toolset that enables you to dive deeper into your clients’ use of digital. It provides a benchmark to build on and will help showcase how your work provides a clear benefit to those you work with. With businesses increasingly focused on ROI, this is a great way to show measurable results.

With dedicated training to help you tease out issues and deepen your knowledge of a business, you can offer digital strategy that gets results. As a Certified Digital Consultant, this will help you command a higher rate and secure new clients.

what you get

  • Access to the Digital Scorecard toolset
  • Use of DS Lite to help secure new clients from your website
  • Training to help you offer in-depth digital strategy services
  • Official Digital Consultant certification
  • Tools and training to help you develop a client’s Digital Action Plan
  • Technology and tools based on strategies that have already helped hundreds of companies
  • Dedicated support for you and your clients

How you can use it 

  • Help decision-makers better understand digital and the support they need
  • Take your business from tactics into strategy
  • Use the Digital Scorecard to show the impact of your work
  • Attract new leads with our website widget
  • Provide ongoing support to your clients
  • Stay updated on digital developments
  • Have access to support for digital questions
  • Be part of a community

Who is it for 

  Digital Scorecard allows consultants to show the impact of their work to clients. The toolset and training enable you to better understand the businesses you work with, while also setting a benchmark for their digital health. As you create their action plan and begin to implement the strategy, you can return to the Digital Scorecard to show how those improvements have impacted the business. This allows your clients to see a clear return on their investment.

A proven method

    I have compared the widgets from the last 20 weeks and we have increased the sign-ups up to 3 times. We have also been doing great in sales.

 – Cecilia Alatalo,  AliceDot.

      If you’re a consultant looking to secure more clients and provide more value to existing ones, the Digital Scorecard tools will enable you to take your business to the next level.