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Are You A Management Consultant? Use The Digital Scorecard To Generate More Revenue In Your Business

 “Digital Scorecard offers a unique set of tools for consultants to advise clients in the areas of digital transformation, strategy, and sales & marketing. Not only do the tools add an additional dimension to our consultant toolbox, it provides significant value for our clients to initiate their digital agendas, or improve and adjust their existing ones.” Givi Kokaia, Strategy Consultant, Kunskapspartner AB, Lund, Sweden. 

  How would you like to use a simple, online tool that will help you make more money for yourself and your clients? Map out your clientsentire business system, help them better understand digital, and show them exactly where you can help them make more money.

The Digital Scorecard does exactly that. It offers a step-by-step methodology to work with clients on their business systems, with a focus on incorporating todays essential digital tools and technology.

  Most importantly, the whole process is based on the ideal customer journey: why customers buy, why they dont, and how you can use tools to improve the buying process.

Surprisingly easy to use

        “For the past 30 year across the globe, Balanced Scorecard has provided real business value in many if not all industries. Lately Business Model generation has taken up the mantle and greatly improved the result of business model engineering again globally and across many industries.

        Now we have come across Digital Scorecard which is here to provide the same value but with a focus on digital in improving lead generation, sales and customer care, all of which are of paramount importance for most companies globally as well as in most if not all industries. Digital Scorecard provides both an analysis of the current performance of a company and concrete suggestions for implementing efficient sales and marketing processes. It is surprisingly easy to use and cuts through a lot of the jargon frequently associated with digital. It reduces the knowledge barrier but holds to a high standard, I highly recommend it.

Prof Carl-Henric Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden.

Ideal for Management Consultants Like You

      There are plenty of useful management tools out there, but the Digital Scorecard is the worlds leading digital technology and customer journey toolkit.

  Its ideal for management consultants — in fact, I designed it with you in mind, to make it easier for you to work with your clients.

  The Digital Scorecard process and tools facilitates productive discussions that help to tease out issues and deepen knowledge about the business. Together with the App that generates the Digital Scorecard, youll be able to provide real, measurable, practical value to your clients.

  If your clients are still shying away from digital, this is the perfect tool to introduce them to the digital world — and make sure they get a good return on their investment.

Simple Offers For Your Clients

      Digital Scorecard makes it easy for you to work with your clients in a manner that suits you both. You can design any offer you wish, we suggest three packages that you can provide to your clients once you are an Certified Consultant:

1. Analysis: show your clients where their business is now, how its performing, and where areas for improvement lie. Its easy to meet remotely, or face to face, in real-time.

2. Advice: work face-to-face with your client to discuss their Digital Scorecard analysis — giving you the opportunity to provide tailored advice and offer ongoing services. With the Digital Scorecard, your services will practically sell themselves.

3. Action Plan: work with your clients to create a bespoke action plan for change in their business. Show them how and where they can improve — then work with them to create a strategy and ongoing programme, with regular reviews.

  You can add real value for your clients with Digital Scorecard — and it makes it easy for you to book in ongoing work.

  The package does the hard work for you: youll get templates and packages to support you when you add Digital Scorecard to your portfolio. Remember you also get charts and a Handbook to support your work. With digital, business fundamentals are still the same and your consulting skills are to the fore to help clients navigate their way. Our guide is our Customer Journey Model and you can help clients map these out on our tools as well as use Digital Scorecard evaluation of their use of digital. And when you become a Certified Consultant, youll receive an official accreditation badge to use in your marketing.

Add A New Tool To Your Portfolio Today

       If youre a solo consultant, youre the ideal candidate to undertake our exclusive Digital Scorecard training and get your license. Once youre licensed, you can use the Digital Scorecard toolkit with as many clients as you wish.

      If you run a larger management consulting firm, you can take advantage of the Enterprise edition — which comes with all the training, tools, and certifications necessary for your consultants to work with clients on the Digital Scorecard process together with your own branding.

The Digital Scorecard does all the hard work for you — and it will help you generate new revenue streams with new clients.

  We run regular courses and consultants regularly join these. You can also run your own courses with our help or your clients can attend our courses and then be in a position to work with you on implementation, the choice is yours. 

  As the Digital Scorecard becomes more widespread, youll find yourself at the forefront of this new digital consulting marketplace — one of a select few with the skills necessary to deliver what these clients want. 

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What Others Say

“Digital Scorecard offers a unique digital tool for consultants to advise clients in the areas of digital transformation, strategy, and sales & marketing. Not only does the tool add an additional dimension to our consultant toolbox, it provides significant value for our clients to initiate their digital agendas, or improve and adjust their existing ones.”

Givi Kokaia, Kunskapspartner AB, Lund, Sweden