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Make the most of Digital and help your clients grow

How we can help

  • Proven working method, no risk
  • Works for all types and sizes of client businesses
  • We focus on using your existing experience
  • Previous knowledge of Digital is not necessary
  • Be a part of the future, Digital

We have found the Digital Scorecard toolset and training has enabled our consultancy business to offer even more value to our clients. Together with Edward we have developed a Digital strategy process and taken hundreds of companies through our joint effort to great success.

– Givi Kokaia, Kunskapspartner, Sweden

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We offer bespoke training in Digital based on your current knowledge so you can make the most of it.


You get your own toolset including Handbook, Answerbook, Online Account, AO canvas, tests for your clients, webpage, widgets and more


The support provided is based on your needs. We can run joint programmes with you or act as 2nd line support to help you with your clients.

The Founder of Digital Scorecard

Digital for Consultants

Edward Nugent | Digital Scorecard | Dublin

An expert in Digital with over 20 years experience.

Edward personally leads the consultant programme from the initial discover call to the training. He will show you how you too can use Digital Scorecard tools as a consultant.

A Proven Methodology

Digital Scorecard offers a step-by-step methodology to work with clients on their business systems, with a focus on incorporating today’s essential digital tools and technology.

How it works

  • Test their current use of Digital
  • Get a common starting point with Digital Scorecard Lite
  • Deepen the knowledge with Digital Scorecard Pro
  • Map out your clients’ business system using their Customer Journey
  • Help them better understand digital

Benefits for you

  • The Digital Scorecard process and tools facilitates productive discussions that help to tease out issues and deepen knowledge about the business.
  • Together with the App that generates the Digital Scorecard, you’ll be able to provide real, measurable, practical value to your clients.
  • If your clients are still shying away from digital, this is the perfect tool to introduce them to the digital world — and make sure they get a good return on their investment.

Tools to support

  • Online system to test use of Digital
  • Handbook
  • Answer book
  • Posters
  • Templates
  • Slides
  • Training programmes

Add Digital to your Portfolio

With digital, business fundamentals are still the same and your consulting skills are to the fore to help clients navigate their way. Our guide is our Customer Journey Model and you can help clients map these out on our tools as well as use Digital Scorecard evaluation of their use of digital.

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