Why not take this opportunity to be a reviewer of this ground breaking book.  

      Join a handful of others and at the same time be recognised for your knowledge.

      While the book is written by Edward Nugent, you can contribute to some of the chapters and be recognised for your contribution.

      There will be between 10 – 12 contributors from at least 4 countries including Canada, Ireland, Sweden and the UK.

Your contribution will be to:

1. Review a Customer Journey for your area of expertise.

2. Review and provide your insight on the written chapter. As the book is covering 10 – 12 sectors these sector chapters are between 6 – 12 pages.

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What’s in it for you

The opportunity to join a select group of people that will be contributors. We expect to have 10 – 12 contributors. The current contributors either have specific industry experience or knowledge of a specific area of business. Besides being one of the chosen contributors there are some clear benefits:

1. Be recognised for your knowledge

2. Have your bio included in the book

3. Get free copies for you and your team

4. Have a joint article about your chapter/topic

The aim is to write a book that is as valuable as good as possible to the readers and contributors will help to achieve this goal. We have an editor that will make sure it is professionally written. We are also expecting to conclude a publishing agreement shortly. 

The book is all about the changing nature of how customers buy today. It has a theme of how to understand your Customer Journey today and use it to define your business in the new digital world. 

It is written for business owners, directors and advisors who want to grow their business. It covers the basics on why people buy, why they don’t, and how the Customer Journey contributes to business profits. All of this in the context on how digital can be used as a tool for growth. 

 If this sounds to be of interest to you then get in touch.

A Unique Book 

The book, The No BS-Guide to Digital for Accelerating Business Growth, is unique in many ways. First of all it provides a unique look at Customer Journeys and how they have changed in the digital age together with examples from 12 industries and input from experts in those industries. Secondly it shows how digital can be used along your Customer Journey. On reading it you can better understand how digital can be used in your business, saving you time and money. The author is a practitioner of over 20 years and the book is based on first hand knowledge and experience that is grounded in solid business principles.

The book is all the better for being a collaborative effort. Not only collaborative in nature but the content is used in many seminars and directly with clients.