We are all aware of the impact that COVID 19 is having on society and how we live our lives. With that in mind we have a plan in place that aims to minimise the impact on our customers and partners over the coming weeks and perhaps months.

Effective immediately we will run all training programmes digitally. All programmes, be they Workshops, Seminars or Training Events will be run on the planned date but digitally. You will receive details at least 1 week before any planned event so that you can have access. We have options to join via phone and online.

Ironically we are currently experiencing a greater level of interest in what we do as the benefits of working with sales and marketing pipelines and systems is now even more evident to businesses. We will support all current customers as we have done in the past and we have the digital systems in place to do so.

If you have any concerns just get in touch, either email your main contact person or complete the form on this page.

We have a series of new opportunities to learn more about implementing digital Sales and Marketing Systems during March and April, these are in addition to the current planned programmes.

I wish you well in the current testing time and rest assured we are all here to help in any way we can.

Best wishes,

Edward Nugent & The Digital Scorecard Team


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