It’s no secret that the success of every business depends on its ability to meet the needs of its customers. With almost 4 billion of the world’s population now online, it’s not surprising that the buying process has changed dramatically in recent years. However, the fundamentals of business have not.

Customers, whether they are consumer or business, are ever more empowered and able to demand the best service for the best prices, and can more easily compare offers. Customers now go online and do their own research before opting for the best supplier of products or services.

While this change in how people now buy is exciting, it is a source of stress and foreboding with a sense of the unknown for many businesses. Many feel they have lost control and in many ways, this is true. Customers now prefer to do their own research and when they are ready, engage with prospective suppliers.

The Customer Journey Determines Business Growth

Whether you know it as the online sales funnel or the customer journey, it’s an integral part of making a sale in today’s online sales environment. Most of our business today revolves around helping our clients better understand and use digital along their customer journey. It’s important for businesses to regain influence by using digital tools and techniques that lead prospective customers along a path where they will be transformed into buyers. The reason we focus primarily on digital is because that is where your leads and customer are today.

Here at Digital Scorecard, we find this absolutely fascinating and have set up a project entitled The Customer Journey Project. Besides a great deal of learning for those involved, the output from the project will also be a book, (working title The No BS Guide to Digital for Accelerating Business Growth). Besides the basic customer journey model the focus is placed on examples from many different industries and practitioners. Results are only achieved through implementation, so real example case studies are helping to pave the way and serve as both a guide and encouragement. The main premise of the book is to explain Customer Journey and to provide the digital tools that can be deployed along it.

You can request more information about this project and get advance notice of the findings as we publish them. Just complete the form for details.

In addition, there is an opportunity to be involved in this project regardless of whether or not you are a client or partner of Digital Scorecard. Edward is running this project and is keen to hear from people who have had success as well as failure with digital, we can learn from both. Even if you don’t exactly fit a group listed below but you have something to contribute get in touch:

  • Companies that have mapped their customer journey and implemented strategies with either good or bad experiences/results
  • Strategy or Management Consultants with and without digital experience
  • Industry experts that can work with us on evolving a specific customer journey for their industry

All input will be treated confidentially. We can list a case without names, turn it into a generic example or we can include your name for a boost of your profile and online footprint. You decide. Each contributor will be highlighted as a contributor or in the case of some chapters, as a co-author. Naturally if you wish to remain anonymous that will be respected.

We plan to include a wide variety of examples and experiences in several countries. We already have contributors signed up in Sweden, Ireland and the UK. We will also include a section on definitions  to contextualise business and digital strategy. We plan to include templates and real-world experience, it is not a book on theory but rather examples. The Customer Journey Project is set to become a reference guide for mapping customer journeys, digital strategies and implementation.

Do not worry if you are not a writer. You can still be involved as we can put the content together for and/or with you. Both types of contributor will naturally receive a credit in the book, a free copy and other copies at cost as well as other benefits from taking part.

We plan to have the first draft by end of Q1 2018 and edit and print by Q2 2018. We have editors on board so all that is taken care of. If you would like to be involved or just informed about this project why not find out more by completing the form. It will be a book that contributors can be proud to be involved with.

Contributors already onboard include an automotive consultancy in Sweden to a lamp designer in Sweden to a consultancy practice in the UK. Some other observational cases from industries are also included including home improvement and automotive. So why not get in touch and be part of this project and great new book. Just complete the form and we will be in touch directly.

If you do not want to be involved but would like to be kept informed you are also very welcome, just complete the form and all will be taken care of.


If You Are Interested In Being Involved Or To Receive Information About The Customer Journey Project Complete This Form.

 We Will Not Give Your Details To Any Third Parties.

The book looks at the use of digital along the Customer Journey. The focus is on implementation and experience across many industries. Why not get involved by being a contributor or reviewer?

What Others Say

“In the field of strategy, implementation is the difference between success and failure. Digital Scorecard is a real practical help in implementing efficient processes for lead generation, sales and after market for any company. Companies with limited experience in digital solutions and options within these processes have the most to gain. However even those that are experienced will find the targets challenging and a good means for reviewing their digital strategy. Digital Scorecard is surprisingly straight forward to understand and use. It can be used for analysis as well as concrete improvements. I recommend Digital Scorecard since it is both theoretically sound and practically useful.”

Prof. Carl-Henric Nilsson,
Lund University, Sweden.