Digital Strategy i Styrelse och Ledning

Why do some companies do well and other not?
How come some companies seem to know how to use digital and others not?
How can my business use digital for the best effect?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions then you will really benefit from being part of this new initiative from Tillväxtverket, Region Skåne and Packbridge.




We all know digital is here to stay, that is no longer the question to ask. What is often less clear is what role we all play and how can our business thrive and not struggle with digital. This program starting with a 4 hour Seminar not only clarifies this for you but gives you a hands on experience to see how well your business is using digital.

At this new and exclusive half-day event you will be discover how digital can be used to support your business growth. This event is based on a highly successful format, which has been applied, among other arenas, to an International MBA program at Lund University. It is also a scaled down version of our 2-day Mastermind Program and contains content to keep you up to date on current trends, as well as a very hand-on experience to make it real for you and your business. By the time you leave, you will know a great deal more about digital, and see how digital fits into your business.

Who is it for?

This is an explorative half-day event tailored for Business Owners, Management, Directors and Advisors. Past digital experience is not a requirement. You will not become an expert in digital overnight. What this programme will give you is an appreciation of digital and digital strategy and where you could apply it in your business.

A Unique Event and Programme

This programme kicks off with this small somewhat intimate event, with a selected group of businesses to create an informal and discussion oriented environment.

While there will be a great deal of content covered an important part of the day is for participants to consider how digital impacts them and their business. The level of digital knowledge of participants will vary, and previous digital experience is not necessary to get the most out of this event. You also have the opportunity to do your own Digital Scorecard but remember this is only the start of the program as you will see below.

Topics Covered

There is lots of content to be covered. The focus at all times is a pragmatic one rather than academic. The realities of a business are always in mind as well as how you can use the material in daily life as a business leader.

Key Subjects

  • Be a better buyer of Digital services
  • Social Media and its Role
  • Digital in Sales & Marketing
  • Benchmark your use of Digital
  • Digital along Your Customer Journey


When and Where

During 2018/9 – click the link below for details
Central Malmö



Edward Nugent (Ireland)
Givi Kokaia (Sweden)

Digital Strategy

  • What is a digital strategy.
  • How it all fits together.

Digital & Customers

  • The importance of your Customer Journey.
  • How digital fits into your An example of how a consulting company integrated Digital into their business.

Digital Strategy Opportunities

  • A system to develop and review your Digital Strategy.
  • Tools that can be used for digital strategy development.

Digital and You

  • An opportunity to review and benchmark your use of Digital on the day
  • A chance to be picked as one of 10 companies to define your Digital Strategy with the experts.

When and Where

Location: Malmo (city centre location to be confirmed closer to the date)
Date: 3 Seminars during 2018/9.

Programme Fee

As you would expect an event of this nature is not cheap nor should it be. Not only will attendees get direct access before during and after the event but they will also get to see how digital could be a part of their own business. As if that was not enough ALL attendees will also have the opportunity to undertake their own Digital Scorecard, without charge.

The really good news is that it will not cost you anything to attend this seminar as it is part of this new initiative from Tillväxtverket, Region Skåne and Packbridge. In addition 10 participants will be chosen to have their Digital Strategy defined with experts – FREE of charge. This opportunity is only open to those that attend one of the Seminars.

2018 programme fee: Free to attend
Limited number of places: 40 free places – secure your now

So there is no excuse not to attend. If you are serious about getting to grips with digital this event was designed for you.

“Det är min övertygelse att alla olika typer av organisationer – såväl kommersiella som ideella – framgångsrikt kan utveckla sin digitala resa med hjälp av Digital Scorecard. Digital Scorecard är ett genuint och lättanvänt verktyg som tar ett helhetsgrepp från nuläge till ökad digital framgång. Med denna som guideline har det nog aldrig varit enklare att landa och utveckla en digital strategi i en organisation.”

Stina Nordström, Biträdande generalsekreterare och kommunikationschef, SPF Seniorerna.

Edward Nugent

With 20 years of experience in digital, Edward Nugent will be the lead instructor. Edward is the founder of several businesses across Europe. He is a guest lecturer at Lund University and the author of several books. Edward focuses on business growth through sales and marketing and is the designer of Digital Scorecard, a means to find out how well your business is using digital in sales and marketing and powering many digital strategies today. Edward currently lives in Ireland but undertakes most of his work in Scandinavia and Europe.

Carl-Henric Nilsson

Carl-Henric has over 20+ years of experience combining his work as a CEO and Management Consultant at Kunskapspartner, as well as a Professor at Lund University for the school of Economics and Management. The combination allows him to understand the demands and current problems in the business world, and connect them to research, pedgogical theory and tools from new developments within Academia.

Givi Kokaia

A Management Consultant with 5+ years experience from working within consulting, finance, and international marketing & sales. He is also a guest lecturer at Lund University and primarily works within the areas of Strategic Management, Business Development and Marketing and Sales. Givi will provide first hand experience in adding a digital dimension to the portfolio of services at Kunskapspartner consulting firm in Lund.