Build Your Business for a Digital World

In this 10 session programme we will walk you through all the parts you need to have a sound Digital strategy and implement as you go.

We will do this on a done-with-you basis and you will be in a small group and learn from other businesses that are going through the same programme.

Before reading any further why not listen to what past participants had to say


Get a solid grasp of what Digital means for you

It is hard to lead if you do not know what Digital means. We do not aim to make you a Digital expert but we do ensure that Digital is set into the context of your business. This means you will be able to converse with your team and be a better buyer of Digital.


Understand how to manage Digital

Working with your team is more demanding in a Digital context. Some of the rules have changed and we help you to be a better leader for your business in a Digital world. We also support you to ensure all parts of the business are included.


Enable the team to implement

This may be your own team or it may be a virtual team, an Agency or consultants that you have to empower. Deciding on the best mix and how to manage them will enable Digital success.

Time to Upgrade Your Skills and Business for the Digital World

If you are ready to start using Digital in your business or wish to improve your knowledge of Digital then this programme is for you.


Companies Attended the Digital Seminar Programme


Companies Already Completed the Digital Strategy Programme in 2020


Attendees Confirmed Participation Will Help Improve Sales for Their Company

Hear What Our Past Seminar Participants Have to Say

The focus on results and guiding participants to add more value to their business in what matters for business growth, sales.

– Past Participant Answers to the Benefits of our Workshops

Digital – Done With You

In addition to the programme modules we engage our team to cover four key areas.  Due to the nature of Digital, there is an element of flexibility based on the individual needs of participants.

A review of your Google Analytics and advice on improvements, if needed such setting up goals. Also setting up of GA4 plus 101-funnel for lead and customer management.

How to structure your content and communications for Social Media including use of templates and advice on your content pillars. Adding calls to action, goals and follow-up.

How to make best use of your website and how it fits into your Digital Strategy. Advice on the role of your website, making changes, including the setup for a new website.

Help with turning traffic into engagement to generate and build a relationship with leads and customers. We will add widgets to test on your properties.

Hear Directly from past Participants

Click the videos to listen to a selection of past participants

Want to know more about how this programme can help you and your business?

The Programme

9 modules over 8 weeks, plus a bonus follow-up session

Start date for the next round Monday 20th January 2022 and running for 8 weeks. All recorded so if you miss a session you can see the recording and catchup.

(For details on each module, mouse-over each module if browsing on your desktop or click if using mobile)

You and Your Business

Digitalisation and Your Business

Key Lessons for using Digital & Your Digital Situation

Your Sales Pipeline and Digital

Customers and Your Business

Getting more leads – Website V’s Social in your Business

Getting Customers and Leveraging Sales

Content Planning

Your Business Design & Implementation

Using Social Media

Advertising and your Business

Digital Tools for your Business


Follow-up session

Ongoing support

Want to know more about how this programme can help you and your business?

Hear Directly from more past Participants

Click the listen to the experiences of others

Want to know more about how this programme can help you and your business?

This programme is for you if …

You are keen to make Digital work for your business and are ready to take action. Especially for:

  1. Business owners are welcome as you get to work on your business during the programme.
  2. Head of Marketing (CMO) as you will, in many cases, be in charge of making Digital happen.
  3. Business advisors seeking results for a client. You can participate with your client in the programme.
  4. Consultants, you can help guide your clients in the use of Digital and formulate their Digital strategy and participate with your client in the programme.

This probably isn’t for you if …

We have run Seminars and Workshops in Digital strategy for many years and we know who this works for and who may not get the most out of it. We have a strategic perspective, not a quick fix tactical one. So this programme is not for you if you:

  1. Seek a quick fix. This does not mean you cannot make an impact quickly but we are not suited to the quick fix junkies.
  2. Are just looking for tactical advice on what Digital tool or channel to use. We go much deeper into how your business works and the benefits with Digital.
  3. Are not employed or do not have a company to use as a case during the programme as you will not get the most out of it.

Any of the above apply to you it is probably best to either look for a different programme or contact us for advice.

An Accredited Programme

While this programme is as much about implementation as it is increasing Digital competence, it is accredited. We live by the saying “actions speak louder than words”, so by going through this programme you are actively working in a real life environment and gaining valuable skills. Therefore participants receive an accreditation that can act as a career boost given the nature of the programme and topic. You will get a badge that can be used in your LinkedIn profile as we use a third party accreditation system that has no expiry date.

Accredited on the Accredible platform.

Your Team for the Programme

Helping you Succeed with Digital

Edward Nugent | Dublin

An expert in Digital with over 20 years experience within strategy, marketing technology and digital implementation. Edward is also the founder of Digital Scorecard framework and methodology used in the Leading Digital programme. He manages Digital with several private clients as well as being involved in the development of new Digital tools for sales & marketing.

Kajsa Nordstrom | Dublin

Kajsa has a background as Marketing Director and Management Consultant with a focus on customer centric organisations. Her focus is helping SMEs to invigorate their Marketing and increase Sales with Digital. She also has a broad international experience after having lived and worked in several countries.

Caroline Hjort | Lund

Caroline’s primary specialties are digital- marketing, analysis, and strategy with a broad experience in the digital ecosystem. One of Caroline’s strengths is her ability to see the wider perspective of a company’s digital presence. Caroline’s driving forces are development and success and her mission is to support companies grow their business with the use of digital means/strategy/tactics. 

Givi Kokaia | Lund

Givi is a Senior Consultant at Kunskapspartner, a consultancy, research and training firm specialising in Business Development, Technology and Management. Givi’s primary fields of area are Strategic Management, Digital Strategy and Change Management. Givi is an expert facilitator with a clear mission to support companies in their business development. 

Past Leading Digital Participant Companies

Value for Money

Payment options

This is an extensive programme that is a blend of learning and implementing. Naturally it is not cheap, nor should it be. We have some payment options as follows:

  • The fee to be part of the programme is €7,450
  • Payment can be made in one invoice or in 3 instalments, paid prior to the start date
  • This programme is only run 3 times per year, January, March and September and with a maximum of 8 companies per round.
  • We plan to have one scholarship place per programme
  • Existing customers are particularly welcome as are our ALUMNI programme, contact us for your offer
  • Once you complete the programme you will be invited to our ELITE programme that meets once per month as well as a get together in January.

All inclusive

While participation is not cheap it provides very good value for money as we focus on getting results with you. Some key deliverables:

  • A Digital strategy for the growth of your business
  • Getting help and guidance as you implement – not just theory
  • Learning with others and from their experiences as you implement
  • Receive an official accreditation that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile

In short, you get results and knowledge to manage your business into the digital future.

We offer a money back guarantee. If you feel you will not get the value from the programme after the 4th session, you can leave with a full refund.

Want to know more about how this programme can help you and your business?