Well done on making this purchase. Others have found it to be a game-changer in terms of getting to grips with digital in their business.

In terms of the practicalities here is what happens next:

1. We will send you your Digital Scorecard Pack which contains The Workbook, Answerbook and a copy of the book. These will be put into the post usually within a working day. You will then have them within a few days.

2. We will open an online account for you on our system where you can get access to your Digital Scorecard and undertake new ones. You can undertake as many as you like for your business. In fact some businesses undertake one per product or business line. This is advised if you manage the sales and marketing process differently by product or customer type.

It is important to undertake your Digital Scorecard in the right way. This means taking your time to answer each question and section. If you rush this aspect the result will not be as good. A part of the process of answering and reviewing your business while doing your Digital Scorecard will help to better understand your results and from experience, implementation.

Based on our experience and as ironic as this may sound, undertaking the Digital Scorecard in paper format gives a better result. We find that those that undertake it online tend to rush through it and thus do not reflect on their answer. Naturally it is up to you to decide how you wish to do this.

Your Bonus

For those that opt to do the paper version and send this back to us, Edward will personally process your Digital Scorecard and give you a more detailed review. The reason he does this is to help those businesses that are willing to put the time into undertaking their Digital Scorecard. If this is you then all you need do is to complete your Digital Scorecard on the Answer Book that we post to you, scan it and email it to us to and we will do the rest. Please do not input it to your account as we will also do this for you, part of the review process which is included in this bonus.

How you decide to do your Digital Scorecard is totally up to you, afterall you are the customer and thus in charge of how you wish to do business.

Please remember that there is no right or wrong answer. You just answer based on how it is today, not how it should be or how you want it to be. This honesty is a key part of the implementation process also.

Here is what others have to say about Digital Scorecard:

“Digital Scorecard offers a unique digital tool for consultants to advise clients in the areas of digital transformation, strategy, and sales & marketing. Not only does the tool add an additional dimension to our consultant toolbox, it provides significant value for our clients to initiate their digital agendas, or improve and adjust their existing ones.”

Givi Kokaia, Kunskapspartner AB, Lund, Sweden – a consulting partner of ours in Sweden.

“For the past 30 year across the globe, Balanced Scorecard has provided real business value in many if not all industries. Lately Business Model generation has taken up the mantle and greatly improved the result of business model engineering again globally and across many industries.

Now we have come across Digital Scorecard which is here to provide the same value but with a focus on digital in improving lead generation, sales and customer care, all of which are of paramount importance for most companies globally as well as in most if not all industries. Digital Scorecard provides both an analysis of the current performance of a company and concrete suggestions for implementing efficient sales and marketing processes. It is surprisingly easy to use and cuts through a lot of the jargon frequently associated with digital. It reduces the knowledge barrier but holds to a high standard, I highly recommend it.”

Prof Carl-Henric Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden.