Digital Scorecard

Free Resource Area

This free resource area is available for member businesses.

We provide links to tools, tips and training. You can also get your own Digital Scorecard.  A quick guide:

Your Digital Scorecard – here you can undertake your own Digital Scorecard. It will take you about an hour to complete and once you do that you will get a full review on your use of digital, usually the same day. This includes a 20+ page PDF with information and tips, personalised based on your answers. This is available for all businesses. If the link is not listed for you, contact us for details.

Industry Papers – in this area you can find a selection of papers and case examples. This is added to on an ongoing basis with a new paper every 4 – 6 weeks so you will see it growing all the time.

Tools – this is an area where you can download some tools and guides to use in your own business. These include a wall canvas to map your customer journey to slides that you can use.

Q & A – here you can find a list of typical questions we have had in the past together with answers. You can also pose a question on any related topic and we will get right on it.