Digital Scorecard Community

Event Details


2:30 pm to 3:45 pm, Stockholm


Organised By:

Digital Scorecard, Kunskapspartner

Event Description

The Community meet regularly to share their experience, knowledge and challenges. There is a theme per meeting based on members needs as well as developments that can benefit members.

The Community is open to those that have gone through our Digital strategy workshop programme or attended some of our seminars as well as App users. This is to ensure we have a common language between members and they can mutually benefit from other member experiences.

Each meeting goes over the topics or challenges for members as well as a monthly topic. To facilitate this we ask members to complete the form prior to each meeting that you will find on this page.

The Community meeting is run each month and you can also join our group in the App, search for Digital Scorecard in your App Store or see more information here.

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