Data for Decision Making – Seminar

Event Details


2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Stockholm


Organised By:

Digital Scorecard, Kunskapspartner, Packbridge

Event Description

This Seminar aims to to help businesses with data based decision making. The focus is on the different types of data available to business and how to use it for export. In addition to the Seminars and Workshops we are also using some key tools such as 101-funnel and 101-Ads to help collate data.

The project runs from April to October 2021.

The seminars are on 25th August & 2nd September 2021, pick the one that suits you best.

Check out the recording of the seminar on this page.

Your organisers on the day will be:

Edward Nugent & Givi Kokaia & Olof Nyström

Digital Scorecard (Dublin) & Kunskapspartner (Lund) & Packbridge

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