Digital Scorecard for Business Consultants

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3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Stockholm


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Digital Scorecard

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All businesses face similar challenges as they embrace Digital. Foremost is support in their journey.

At this event you can discover how you as a business consultant can support businesses on their Digital journey. Discover how you as a business consultant do not need to be an experienced Digital consultant to support business that want to leverage Digital.

In fact from our experience in working with hundreds of companies on their digital journey, those that know the Digital tools often provide bad advice. Most business owners and managers need business guidance so as to define their Digital needs and we will show you a method for doing this.

Join us for this one hour session that is dedicated to how business consultants and advisors can help their clients on their Digital journey.  You will leave the session with a better understanding as to how you can help more businesses with Digital strategy questions, you will receive a methodology where you can start to work with right away.

During the event we will take you through the important steps for helping businesses on their Digital Journey and what you should consider.

At the end of the session you have a choice:

  1. to do it on your own, we will provide you with the model to do so with no strings attached as a reward for attending.
  2. talk to us about becoming a Digital Scorecard Certified consultant with the rights to use our tools to help you not just get more clients but also to help them.

This is the programme that many have already completed. We have certified many consultants and have hundreds of companies already using our methodology. So this is your chance to leverage it for your consultancy business. For more info on this session click here.

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