Digital Strategy Seminar – Almi Skåne Series

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2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Stockholm


Organised By:

Digital Scorecard, Kunskapspartner

Event Description

This Seminar Series Shows You How To Build And Use A Digital Strategy To Grow Your Business

Each Seminar in the series has its own flavour. We cover how the basics of buying psychology drive your business and your Digital strategy. In addition, during this seminar we go further and bring many of the Digital strategy concepts to life and walk you through the Digital strategy process. Then you can see exactly how Digital can work for your business right now. This seminar is run live at least once per month throughout 2020 and over 700 companies have already participated.
This round of Seminars is now completed. Check out other options.

Your presenters on the day will be:

Edward Nugent & Givi Kokaia

Digital Scorecard (Dublin) & Kunskapspartner (Lund)

Endast för svenska företag, klicka här för mer info

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