Digital Strategy Workshop

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2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Stockholm


Organised By:

Digital Scorecard, Kunskapspartner

Event Description

In This Workshop Series Works With You To Build A Digital Strategy To Grow Your Business

We work in a series of 3 workshops on Monday / Wednesday and Friday for 2 hours each.  Each one with a different focus from your business and target customers to mapping your customer journey to your digital action plan. We advise and guide you along the way and you can see exactly how Digital can work for your business right now. This workshop series is run as live sessions and over 200 companies have already participated. We run a workshop series every month with 8 – 20 companies per round.

The application can be found here, this is only for Swedish businesses.

Your facilitators on the day will be:

Edward Nugent & Givi Kokaia

Digital Scorecard (Dublin) & Kunskapspartner (Lund)

Endast för svenska företag. 

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