ELITE Monthly Meeting

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2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Stockholm


Organised By:

Digital Scorecard

Event Description

Our Digital Accelerator ALUMNI (ELITE) meet monthly to share their experience, knowledge and challenges. This is an elite group that have already been through the Digital Accelerator Programme. We cover each companies progress and plans in a supportive and helpful environment.

The Elite group is only open to Business Owners that have gone through our Digital Accelerator Programme. This is to ensure we have a common approach and understanding between members and they can mutually benefit from other member experiences.

We meet monthly.

We have an annual meet-up in January (Lund in Jan 2022) and August (Medicon Village in Lund) and then we have a Quarterly Review to follow up on the annual plan. The meetings in between we catchup and also have a topic of value for members. The Elite group is an invite only group and for those that worked with us or attended a leading Digital programme.

The ELITE is run each month and you can also join our Community Group (part is only open to Digital Accelerator participants but other parts are open, request access here.

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