Attracting – Converting – Keeping Customers




 – stop looking and start understanding

    One of the most important things a company can do is to systemise how they attract, convert and keep customers.

It does not just happen.  

    It is no accident that some companies are good as this and some are not. Working on this is one of the most important and profitable things a company and its leadership needs to work o. 

Three steps to success

Customer profile

To create a powerful Customer Profile you need to know:

– Your Customer pains

– Your Customers symptoms 

– Your Customers desires 

This is where we find most lacking and needs to be addressed.

understanding customers

    There is a line in the book by Matt Sykes that resonates and is something to always bear in mind when considering customers

” … join the conversation going on inside your customers head..”

  It is one of the most powerful lines you will ever read when it comes to sales growth.

    It also forces you to understand your customers. how else can you join the conversation in their head?

    It creates a discipline in a business to think and understand first. Then take action that will match what the customer is thinking. 

    The biggest result of this is Empathy and this drives sales. 

    To do this you need to understand some of the basics about your clients and it is not how they look or the usual persona definitions which always sound great but help little. 

    You needs to know the pains that your clients have and what outcome they seek. 

Then and only then can you set your product or service into your clients context and world. 

How your Customers Buy

Lets start with a question

….if you knew what your customers did before they bought from you or a competitor would it help you to be more successful in sales?

    In our experience 99 times out of 100 the answer to this is yes. 

    That is why this part of the service is vital. It points the way to sales growth. It also anchors the customer profile and the next step, your customer journey map. and action plan.

    I know it can be hard to see it at first but all buyers have a pattern in how they buy. With the advancement of digital options most buyers journeys start online. 

    Sometimes they are not initiated online but get online quickly afterwards. The initiation triggers are also important to understand. 

    If you do nothing else, then consider how your customers buy and you will find the answer to a lot of your sales growth questions.

Buyers Journey

To Create a Buyers Journey You need to know what your customer does:

 – before they buy 

 – as they decide what to buy

 – after they buy 

Customer Journey

To create a useful Customer Journey you need to know:

– Your Customer Profile

– How Customers Buy 

– Your Action to help 

    All 3 parts are combined as a powerful platform for your sales growth.

Helping customers to buy

    Too few businesses see their role as helping customers to buy. When you do this you will begin to see a lot more opportunities in your business.  

Do not confuse helping customers to buy with selling your product

    How you help customers to buy should match how customers buy. This is why mapping out actions you take to help customer buy is only undertaken after you first understand how customers buy. 

    You will have two lists of actions;

 – actions you current do and

 – actions you can do to help even more. 

    All of the actions are there to help customers in their buyers journey. Sometimes the best option will not be your product or service. In fact you should find this from time to time. If not, then you are probably interacting with customers too late in their customer journey

    Once you have your customer journey and action list you can then set a plan of implementation in motion. This is also where Digital Tools can help. 

    Of note is that your Customer Journey does not stop with the sales event. In many ways that is the start of a new journey, a client journey. But there is no reason to complicate it. 

    Your Customer Journey, when done correctly, should help you turn customers into more customers. 

How much does this cost


    The price for this service is €5,000 and that works for the majority of small to medium size businesses.

    In some case there is a need for more time or to extend the scope beyond the initial service. When we discuss your needs we will then confirm how suitable the service is for your needs and the price. 

What to do now?

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