There are several ways you can improve your Customer Journey / online sales funnel with the help of Digital Scorecard. Whether you are just starting to use digital and need guidance on doing it right first time, or you want to benchmark your business use of digital for your Customer Journey - we can help.

      Some businesses prefer to use Digital Scorecard on a self-assessment basis while others find it best to work with a Digital Scorecard Enabled Consultant. The choice is yours.

      Overall we recommend to our web visitors that the best place to start with Digital Scorecard is to complete the "Get More Information" form. Once you do this we will send you insights and tips about using digital, all of which is focused on how your business can get the best from your Customer Journey (your online sales funnel), not our products. The content has been put together to benefit readers even if they are not using Digital Scorecard. 

     The content has been written by the author and creator of Digital Scorecard. It is totally free and you can leave at any time. A more profitable and improved sales funnel is just a moment away. Complete the form now - you have nothing to lose.

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What Others Say


"What struck me with Digital Scorecard was the overview. While we have been using digital for years, when I saw the overview (Sales and Marketing Framework) for our business I could see the situation analysis at a glance.  The Digital Scorecard gave us real clarity and allowed us to concentrate on the areas that needed immediate attention and it brought home how much more effective we could be."


Niall Cuthbert

Managing Director

Cash & Carry Kitchens

(Ireland's largest kitchen retailer)