Go Behind the Scenes to Discover the Digital Sales Secrets of Today’s Most Successful Businesses

Take tried-and-tested business design methods and ideas that have been used successfully for decades, and adapt them for your business to the new digital landscape 

Most small-to-medium sized businesses waste horrendous sums of money and lose many opportunities because of ineffective marketing and sales systems.

This has been the case for years. The world might have changed enormously, but this fact hasn’t.

The companies which can least afford to waste money on ineffective marketing are the very companies who are watching their profits disappear down the drain.

In this brand-new, groundbreaking book, Dr Edward Nugent reveals the undisclosed, top-secret digital strategies behind today’s most successful business owners.

New Approaches to Tried-and-Tested Strategies

Most companies are fixated on very traditional brand name and “exposure” driven marketing and advertising. It’s almost impossible to quantify whether such marketing works… and yet they’re spending a small fortune on it.

Businesses think — falsely — that by using the new digital media available, they’re now doing a new kind of marketing.

They’re not.

They’re simply moving the same ineffective marketing and advertising techniques from one media to another.

This book is all about designing your business in the new digital world — and it’ll change the way you look at selling. It’s the only kind of business design that’ll let you measure how much return it’s bringing on your investment.

And using the new tools, it’s the only kind of business design that’ll let you put sophisticated sales processes in place with very little ongoing effort on your part.

Why People Buy (and Why They Don’t)

The way we sell today is a reaction to a change in how people buy — not the other way around.” (Tim Hughes, in his book Social Selling.)

Buyers are much less reliant on the marketing and advertising we put out there. They’re less inclined to trust businesses. And they’re looking for something more than a simple financial transaction.

Understanding the psychology behind why people buy, why they don’t, and how they buy — and how the customer journey has changed in recent years — is crucial for businesses which want to grow and thrive.

Too many businesses are burying their heads in the sand and the marketplace is littered with the bodies of those who haven’t kept up (companies like Blockbuster, HMV, Borders, and Kodak).

This new book is about how to avoid that fate.

It’s about how to avoid getting left behind.

It’s about the all-important topic of designing your business based on your customer journey — and in the context of our new digital world.

A Crash Course in Digital Direct Marketing

This new book is about the customer journey and the role digital has to play in that journey.

It’s about helping businesses grow through using digital to sell more products, more often, to more of the right customers.

After reading it, you’ll understand how people buy from you: the thought processes involved, the way people make decisions, the actions they take, and the obstacles preventing them from buying.

But businesses also need to understand why people don’t buy — and it’s usually because something has broken down in the customer journey.

When you understand how people buy, then you need to understand how to use digital tools in line with your business strategy, to grow your business.

In this crash course on direct digital marketing, you’ll discover:

  • The concept of the customer journey, and why it’s so important: the crucial elements, what happens if something is missing, and why customers take the actions they take — so you can plug any holes in your customer journey and make sure their money goes into your pockets, not your competitors’

  • Customer targeting and positioning: you’ll be able to stop using the horrifically expensive scattergun approach and start tightly targeting your customers, so you know all your marketing money is working hard to sell to the right people

  • As a bonus there will be new chapters added that will show an in-depth look at 20 different industries and how they’re using digital tools to enhance their business bearing in mind their customer journey (whatever your business, this book will help you profit from digital — from automotive to retail, from SaaS to law, from engineering to management consulting — buyer psychology is the same across the board)

  • How digital overlays enable your business to roll out an effective customer journey — building strong, profitable relationships with customers who’ll buy from you and refer you over and over again

  • The Digital Scorecard: how it helps you benchmark where your business is now, and where and how you can improve — making sure you invest in the most efficient and effective digital tools available

  • Digital strategy: how to build it into your wider business strategy and make it work hard for you — and how to avoid wasting time and money on digital tools that won’t bring you a return on your investment

  • Social media: putting it into the wider digital context (despite what many business owners believe, social media alone isn’t digital — it’s just one tool you can use, so let’s use it well)

  • How to take control and work your business so you help customers along their customer journey — making sure more people buy from you, more often, and more happily (there are no victims in business: all it takes is for you to take control, make decisions, act, then profit from them)

  • Understand digital is just a tool to help you achieve your business objectives (a tool that makes creating effective and profitable marketing and sales plans simpler and easier than ever before — it’s now possible to segment customers and target them based on what they’ve shown interest in before)

  • The secret behind how to take action: you’ll get a simple starting plan to use digital in your own business (with a focus on social plans and ratings, how they link to your business, and why they should never be random)

Get Ahead of the New Digital Landscape

If you’re a business owner, director, or consultant and want to understand why people buy, why they don’t, and how the customer journey contributes to profits — get a copy of this book today.

Buyer psychology is the same today as it always has been, but the arena has changed. People no longer trust traditional advertising and marketing — they’re increasingly looking to their peers, and the digital world is their gateway to spending money.

Tried-and-tested sales strategies remain the same, but the tools we’re using have gone digital — and if you don’t understand the new digital landscape, you will get left behind.

Savvy business owners stay ahead of the curve.

This book will put you at the forefront of digital, and make sure you stay ahead too.

Click the own it now button to order your copy today.

Understand how you get customers then you can understand how to best use digital for business growth.   

What others say 

While you need to make up your own mind why not read what others have to say about the book, each from a different perspective, client, Management Consultant and Academia to help you.

“This book provides a no nonsense guide to designing your customer journey. Every business has one, whether you realise it or not, and this book makes you analyse each step in the journey to make sure you are projecting the image most appropriate to your business. The tools outlined make it easy to answer the questions yourself.

I especially liked the phrase “sales is a process, not an event” as it undermines the need to constantly manage your sales activities.

I recommend this book to any owner-manager of a small business who wants to understand how they can quickly and efficiently adopt a more strategic approach to their marketing actives.” 

Andrew Bradley, Managing Director, Bradley Brand & Design (Dublin)

Gives a great overview and makes complex issues understandable.

Kajsa Nordstrom, Management Consultant.

I´ve read your book a couple of times now and I´m very interested in moving forward applying the Framework on two companies that I work with right now.

Ulf Matsson, L12 Management AB (Sweden).

“What struck me with Digital Scorecard was the overview. While we have been using digital for years, when I saw the overview (Framework) for our business I could see the situation analysis at a glance. The Digital Scorecard gave us real clarity and allowed us to concentrate on the areas that needed immediate attention and it brought home how much more effective we could be.”

Niall Cuthbert, Managing Director, Cash & Carry Kitchens Limited (Irelands largest kitchen retailer).

“Digital Scorecard offers a unique digital tool for consultants to advise clients in the areas of digital transformation, strategy, and sales & marketing. Not only does the tool add an additional dimension to our consultant toolbox, it provides significant value for our clients to initiate their digital agendas, or improve and adjust their existing ones”.

Givi Kokaia, Management Consultant, Kunskapspartner AB, Lund.

“For the past 30 year across the globe, Balanced Scorecard has provided real business value in many if not all industries. Lately Business Model generation has taken up the mantle and greatly improved the result of business model engineering again globally and across many industries.

Now we have come across Digital Scorecard which is here to provide the same value but with a focus on digital in improving lead generation, sales and customer care, all of which are of paramount importance for most companies globally as well as in most if not all industries. Digital Scorecard provides both an analysis of the current performance of a company and concrete suggestions for implementing efficient sales and marketing processes. It is surprisingly easy to use and cuts through a lot of the jargon frequently associated with digital. It reduces the knowledge barrier but holds to a high standard, I highly recommend it.”

Prof Carl-Henric Nilsson, Lund University

A Unique Book 

The book, How to Design a Profitable Business in a Digital World, is unique in many ways. First of all it provides a unique look at Customer Journeys and it shows how digital can be used along your Customer Journey. Secondly you will gain access to industry specific chapters with input from experts in those industries. On reading it you can better understand how digital can be used in your business, saving you time and money. The author is a practitioner of over 20 years and the book is based on his first hand knowledge and experience that is grounded in solid business principles.

The book is all the better for being a collaborative effort. Not only collaborative in nature but the content is used in many seminars and directly with clients.

Book Cost

Order a copy today and if you are not 100% satisfied let us know and you will receive a full refund. At only €19.95 – FREE delivery there is no excuse.

If you are in business  and serious about getting to grips with digital this book was designed for you.

Key Content

  • How customer buying habits have changed
  • The importance of understanding your Customer Journey
  • Industry Customer Journeys – online access
  • Using Digital along Your Customer Journey
  • The Anatomy of a Digital Strategy
  • How to review your use of digital
  • Templates and links to online resources

When Published

January 2019 (updated August 2019)

New industry or topic specific chapters based on the book will be released each month


Dr Edward Nugent with the help of many great contributors (all listed with bio’s in the book)

“Det är min övertygelse att alla olika typer av organisationer – såväl kommersiella som ideella – framgångsrikt kan utveckla sin digitala resa med hjälp av Digital Scorecard. Digital Scorecard är ett genuint och lättanvänt verktyg som tar ett helhetsgrepp från nuläge till ökad digital framgång. Med denna som guideline har det nog aldrig varit enklare att landa och utveckla en digital strategi i en organisation.”
Stina Nordström, Biträdande generalsekreterare och kommunikationschef, SPF Seniorerna.