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      You can now get instant access to your result, just click the link green bar “click to access your test result”. This is provided free of charge in conjunction with Havas Ireland, a part of the global media agency. In addition you have an opportunity to discover more and improve your use of digital to grow your business – all included. To start, you can access your results now and then also access other resources.

      The results of your Digital Scorecard Lite are waiting for you. A bit like GPS, it helps identify where you are today which is a great starting point. As part of the Resource area you also will have access to do a Digital Scorecard Pro. That takes a little longer and provides you with a complete roadmap for your use of digit for business growth.  The additional resources provided are designed to help you with your business and digital strategy, either in reviewing it or creating it. These include:

  • Instant Access to the results of your test (Digital Scorecard Lite)
  • Access to do your own Digital Scorecard Pro (the FULL version)
  • Access to examples and inspiration  
  • Access to tools such as Customer Journey Mapping (sales funnel) 
  • A Customer Journey template and guide to use for your business (download and print)
  • Video content with tips to help you make the most of digital (10 x 1 minute tips)
  • A Q&A section with an option for you to post and get direct advice from experts 
  • A link to training and to get advance notice of upcoming seminars (digital and meetings)
  • Members have a chance to have their business worked to optimise their digital growth strategy. Only open to those that are registered here.  

      Over the course of 2020 we are adding other useful material and content. Access to this resource area is free for you today. All you have to do is complete the form on this page and you will get access. There are lots of updates and opportunities waiting for you.

Find out how you are doing on the 3 key business process

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What Others Have Said About Their Digital Scorecard 

Your feedback and support throughout the the 6 month
Strategy Project Participant 2019 , Best Part About Being in the Project

Walking through the mindset of the customer. Thinking about the entire process of how the customer finds you and how to keep them. The journey was an insight. The one-on-one talks with Edward and Givi were priceless. The advice and support we received outside of the planned meetings went above and beyond anything I would have expected. Their expertise was very useful and will make meaningful impact for us going forward. Networking with the other participants proved to be insightful and fruitful

Strategy Project Participant 2019, What is the Best Part of Being in this project

Visualize all the different parts in the “digital world” of my business

Strategy Project Participant 2019, Best Part About Being in the Project
Getting insight of the possibilities and a starting point of actions
Strategy Project Participant 2019, Best Part About Being Part of The Project

I think it was interesting since it felt like the digital scorecard presented a more holistic view of today’s marketing/sales process. I think it was a interesting seminar since it illuminated things I haven’t thought of.

Seminar Participant 2019

New insights. Gives you an ”aha” of how its all connected and the different steps

Seminar Participant 2018, Your Content Goes Here

The practicality of it, the tactics and strategies can be used. It exceeded my expectations. The speakers were very knowledgeable about the subject!

Semina Participant 2019, Your Content Goes Here