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    Why not join our community that is for those that want to grow using Digital. It is a great way to learn from others and share experiences. The community is free of charge and provides lots of value, so why not join today and access a world of knowledge and experience.

    We have now launched our own App and have it in the Apple App Store and also Google Play. If you do not yet see it, it may not be released in your area yet but should be by end May 2022. The app run on iOS, Andoid as well as on desktops.  

Popular topics

    Includes a LinkedIn channel with a link to the 2021 LinkedIn usage report

    Using video – the setup that you can have in your own office

    Using Events to get engagement

    Using widgets and surveys – coming soon

    Chat and share experiences with others

    As with all communities they grow over time and we are at the start.

    We find a lot of one to one communication so far and trying to now open that up as many business have the same challenges.

Why join?

    The community started as a means to allow better communication with our Elite members between our monthly meetings. We quickly realised the benefits of a real community with direct messaging and posts.

    We then opened the community to others. It is FREE to join and it is a great space to learn, ask questions and engage with others. In addition we have channels covering topics such as CRM, Digital Strategy, Positioning, Business Design, Advertising, Books to read and many more channels that will be added based on developments and needs of the community.


     Direct access to knowledge about using Digital for sales and marketing. It is structured by topic so you can find your way and ask questions and discuss with others.  It is an ever changing topic so we add new content based on our findings and questions received.

Not Alone

     By joining a community like this you will no longer be alone. You can ask questions and also see what others in the community are up doing. It will be up to you to share as much or as little as you like.


     We are aways learning. The community supports and even drives this. The community is a great way to keep ahead of Digital developments without being overwhelmed.

Make Digital Work for you

     Too many companies struggle to have a solid Digital strategy. Too many business owners are stressed about losing out to the new Digital reality when they do not need to be.

     Too many business owners face decisions regarding their use of Digital alone.

     The community is a place that can help remove some of the stress and problems so as to feel more confident that you are on the right track and if not, to seek advice and help from others in the community.

Join the community

    We run a community for those interested in using Digital Strategy for business growth on Discord. You are welcome to join. Meeting with likeminded people, get ideas to overcome challenges, share our tips and ideas.