Is your business fit for the modern world we live in?

Do you have a small to medium sized business and want to expand and be successful in a digital world?

This book will help you achieve your dreams!

The world of business has seen many dramatic changes over the centuries as new ideas and developments constantly shift the boundaries and usual practices. But the advent of the digital age, with the internet and the ability to trade worldwide, has changed it beyond all recognition in just a few short years.

If you want a business that is ready to meet these challenges you need help to do it and How to Design a Profitable Business in a Digital Worldhas been written with this in mind, with chapters that focus on:

  • The changing habits of customers

  • The anatomy of a digital strategy

  • How to review your use of digital to best effect

  • Customer targeting and positioning

  • How to find ways to improve

  • And how to stay ahead of the curve

  • As well as much more…

If you want your existing business to expand and become profitable, or you are planning a startup that you want to be successful right from the start, then look no further. A more effective and more lucrative enterprise awaits you and you’ll be glad you took the time to examine how it can make your working life much better.

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