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The fact that we provide a free account is not a reason to open one. When you open an account you get:

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First time I’ve heard a marketing based strategy to REALLY be based on the customer purchase psychology

– Seminar Participant, 2019

Use Digital to grow your business

Discover how we review your use of Digital. You can see immediately where you are strong and where you have opportunity to improve. This is a comprehensive review of your business and not just benchmarks of your use of Digital. We provide advice on how to improve. All of our work is based on business growth principles from real experience.

Getting it right

Some businesses seem to be riding the Digital wave and others, the majority, doing their best but hardly keeping up. Knowing where you are doing well is great. However, knowing where you can improve is what really matters. Not only will you save time and resources but you can also grow your business and enjoy greater reward.

The key is to see how you can use and leverage Digital along the path your customer takes when they buy from you.

Benchmark your use of Digital

Knowing how you are doing with your use of Digital compared to the leaders is always good to know. It can invigorate a business not to mention drive improvement. Once you know where you are you can decide to strengthen one of your strengths or even or mitigate a weakness. Knowing where you stand makes all the difference, all the while knowing what to do to improve your business growth prospects.

Better buyer of Digital

Anyone that knows anything about having a successful business knows that there is no secret apart from hard work. We do not offer a short-cut but when you know how well you are doing in a lot of detail you can then focus and reap the benefits from cutting to the chase and not wasting time. When you get your Digital Scorecard you can see where you need to act and thus become a better buyer of Digital services to help your business grow.

Designing your business for a Digital world

As business owners you will be familiar with the expression, work on your business not just in it. You will also be familiar that doing this is easier said than done. What we have found is that using the framework of Digital Scorecard forces you to take a step back. You start to work on your business and to design it based on your business goals. your Digital Scorecard is the first step to start working on your business design for a Digital world.

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This option allows you to undertake your own Digital Scorecard Pro. You will input the answers to the Digital Scorecard in an online account and get your result within 24 hours. We will undertake a review of your results and provide an opportunity to discuss your result in addition to your Digital Scorecard Pro report. You will also have the opportunity to do another Digital Scorecard Pro within 6 months for FREE to check how you are improving.

This is ideal for those that need the results of a Digital Scorecard Pro and their benchmarks quickly and also something we insist on prior to working with us in a Workshop.

Done with you

One of our consultants will manage the complete process with you. It includes your Digital Scorecard Pro and also a follow-up review on how you are using Digital today and ways to improve. Not only that, we will also provide you with follow-up support as that has proven to be the key to getting results. This is ideal for businesses starting out on their Digital journey and not attending one of our Workshops.

This process takes more time as we like to be thorough and we can only undertake a handful of these per month. due to consultant availability. The starting point is the same, open an account and then we can take it from there.

Time to start improving your use of Digital for business growth

Get More Leads

The starting point for making more sales is to get potential customers interested in you. Getting that awareness is the first step but making use of it is what matters. Have you got all the steps in place to generate more leads? When you undertake your Digital Scorecard you can see what gaps you have and where you should prioritise.

Get More Customers

Getting leads is great but pointless if they are not translated into paying customers. After all that is what a business is all about. Have you the processes in place to convert more of your leads to customers? Where are you leaving leads behind? What can you do about it? These are some of the answers you will see clearly when you undertake your Digital Scorecard.

Get More Referrals

Making the most of a customer base is a weakness for most business that we see. Most do well at lead generation. Many are converting the leads to customers. Few are looking at the lifetime value of a customer or in using the tools they should to optimise it.
Your personalised Digital Scorecard gives you the overview for all three key processes. You can then deploy resources where they will have impact and also be in a better position to manage. Digital is not hard but it can seem complex. Having your own personalised map of where your business is good and where it can improve is a great platform to have.

Why not improve your use of Digital today?