A Programme For SME Businesses

Empowering organisations to help businesses grow with Digital


    This programme has been running for several years and has helped over 1,500 in the seminars and over 150 in workshops. 

    The programme helps businesses to quickly understand what Digital means to them and to have an action plan. All based on their target customer and how they buy. 

    The programme is highly rated by participants and all say that it will help them to increase sales. 

    See a summary of the project below.

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This programme has been rolled out in partnership with Kunskapspartner, Lund, via the ALMI network.

Financed by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), Region Skåne and ALMI.

How it works

    The programme is focused on business growth with Digital and helping participants understand what Digital means to them. 

    The participant companies go through a process and are also taken care of by their contact in the associated ALMI office. 

Monthly Seminars

    We run seminars to build understanding and contextualise Digital for larger groups of companies. This seminar paints a picture for attendees on what digital means and answers some of their key questions.

    The seminars set the scene for the possibilities today with Digital. We have learned it has also become an important wake up call for many attendees to start to take action.

Digital Scorecard

    It is a Framework to structure Digital for sales and marketing. There are also 2 online tests to find out how well companies are doing digitally today. It kicks off companies reflection and engagement using the first step of the Framework for a Digital strategy. Even answering the questions is a good way to gain more insight. This is then discussed with the ALMI advisor. 


    We run workshops that focus on the foundation of any digital strategy, the target customer and their customer journey. These workshops are done in 3 sessions of 2 hours duration over 1 week. The workshops culminate in a basic action plan for the business based on their customers and business priorities. It turn thinking and planning into action as they work on their own businesses. The action plan is then discussed with the businesses ALMI advisor. 


    Even the best laid plans don’t work out. So we run an Alumni group of companies that want to continue to discuss as a group. We facilitate after the programme as some questions may linger or be raised when action is taken. We focus on implementation where the members get support and suggestions from us but also from other ALUMNI members in a knowledge sharing environment. All members also have the opportunity to join our community and App.

    This format has worked very well for this project and others we have ran. It can be adapted to suit your particular needs. The project follows a process to ensure we have participants:

 – awareness (Seminar)

 – understanding (Seminar & Digital Scorecard Tests)

 – planning for results (Workshop)

 – action (to get results) 

All the while with support from qualified ALMI Advisors. 

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