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    Today many businesses are trying to find their feet in a new world where Digital has become a top priority.

    Businesses and their owners are struggling to get to grips with Digital and to make it work for them. Confusion and even lack of progress is more often than not very common.

    We offer a bespoke and proven model for helping businesses getting going on the right track and get results fast.

    You can see a selection of the projects we are running or have run below. 

Learn more about some of our programmes below.  

Variations of these programmes can be run and adapted to suit your organisations or government needs.

A selection of programmes

    Our focus in all projects and programmes is on business growth with Digital. Each one is adapted to suit the organisation and the related business needs.

    Our work is based on real life experience of implementation and getting success with Digital. The initial Digital Scorecard Framework was designed based on real experience to help structure Digital and guide business owners.


    Our programmes provide a structure for participants. This is often one of the most important aspects that participants take with them afterwards. Instead of Digital being confusing and ever changing, they get a way to structure their needs and how they can benefit.


    We run a programme with ALMI that helps SME’s to get to grips with Digital. It includes seminars to build understanding and contextualise Digital. Followed by workshops to better understand how they can take action. They leave with an action plan.

    This programme has been running for 4 years and started with Region Skåne and Tillväxtverket. As of January 2023 it is run with several ALMI Regions across Sweden. For more details about the programme click here.

Data as a Strategic Resource

    For this project we ran awareness seminars followed by a series of workshops. The project was met with great interest from business with well over 100 attendees. The series of 3 workshops that went into detail on 3 areas:

  1. Using analytics data
  2. Using Advertising and market data
  3. Making data a part of your business

    This project funded by Tillväxtverket and run in conjunction with Packbridge.

Digital implementation for tourism related companies

(Digital implementering för Besöksnäringsföretag)

    This is a programme designed for companies in the tourism sector. The focus is on digital sales and marketing and what it means to these companies. Apart from the information meetings (over 150 applied to join) we ran 3 programmes each one over 8 weeks.

    This project ran from April 2022 – December 2022 and is funded by Tillväxtverket and run in conjunction with Kunskapspartner, Lund.

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