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How you can support businesses make the most of Digital for business growth

How we can help

Today many businesses are trying to find their feet in a new world where Digital has been moved from being down on the priority list to now being number 1.

At the same time many businesses are struggling to get to grips with Digital and to make it work for them. Confusion and even paralysis is more often than not very common.

We offer a bespoke and proven model for helping businesses getting going on the right track and get results fast. Over 1,200 companies and counting have taken part in our seminars in Sweden and it is still ongoing. Over 150 companies have taken part in our Digital strategy workshops.

Learn more about one of our programmes we are currently running in Sweden

This programme has been rolled out in partnership with Kunskapspartner, Lund, via the ALMI network.

Financed by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and Region Skåne.

How it works

The programme is focused on business growth with Digital but is adapted to suit each organisation and the business needs.

Digital Scorecard

An online test to find out how well companies are doing digitally today. It kicks off companies interest and engagement using the first step of the Framework for a Digital strategy.


We run seminars to build understanding and contextualise Digital for larger groups of companies. The seminars set the scene for the possibilities today with Digital. We have learned it has also become an important wake up call for many as Digital more and more becomes a key feature for business growth.


Participants in our seminars can sign up for our workshops. We lead workshops with 5 – 10 companies where we turn thinking and planning into action as they work on their own businesses.


We run an Alumni group of companies that continue to discuss as a group that we facilitate after the programme. We focus on implementation where the members get support and suggestions from us but also from other ALUMNI members in a knowledge sharing environment.

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