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Data without analysis is just data

Options to use, develop and involve our tools and methods

Many Options

  • We like to co-operate with others as that generates better results
  • You may work in a University or a research part of a business involved in Digital
  • You may be doing a research project or looking for one
  • Get in touch and we will find common ground
Futuristic business

I started out in academia and left a tenured position to work in industry, 25 years ago. I see a lot of opportunities today for leadership in Digital for academia.

– Dr Edward Nugent, Inventor of Digital Scorecard

Some options

Consider the one that works for you and get in touch

Futuristic business

Research Collaboration

Futuristic business

MSc / PhD Research Project

Futuristic business


The Inventor of Digital Scorecard

Research is a great basis for results

Edward Nugent | Digital Scorecard | Dublin

An expert in Digital with over 20 years experience.

Edward personally leads the consultant programme from the initial discover call to the training. He will show you how you too can use Digital Scorecard tools as a consultant.

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