Excuse the state of our website

We are working on it

Why we are not as we should be

We have had some problems with a new server that we are using for our website. We have had to roll back to a beta development version of our website as a temporary measure. We will be back to normal in a few days.

A few months ago we decide to change how we work with our website and the Digital Scorecard members area and App. We split them so the members area with all the calculations and Digital Scorecards are on a dedicated server and the website on another.

It all went to plan and is a much more secure setup, even if it doubles our costs with more dedicated servers. We even moved one server to a different host. As part of this work we also enhanced security and use Amazon Cloudflare.

As with all great plans sometimes all does not go as planned. We have now encountered a problem with the new host, where this website sits. That has caused us some problems and we have to rebuild a great deal of our website. This does not effect any consultant accounts or members area, they work as normal. However our website looks bad as it is a beta version. So please excuse this for now as it is not how we looked or plan to look.

We expect to be back to normal in a week or so with an even better service. In the meantime if you do not find a page that you are looking for, just email us at info @ url (we don’t like spam so you can work this out).

Edward Nugent

Founder of Digital Scorecard

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