Thank you – Post Seminar Survey 2019-03-14T11:29:09+00:00

     Thank you for completing the survey, it is much appreciated. The next step is to get your own Digital Scorecard, you can do so by clicking here. Don’t forget to select client rather than consultant in the pulldown. You will not only get your Digital Scorecard free of charge but also have a personalised review undertake by Edward.   

    As we said in the Seminar, if you have any questions or follow-up do not hesitate to take contact. 

     As promised you can download a copy of the slides, click this link Region Skane Digital Strategy Seminar – Malmo 2019-03-12 – participant copy to download a copy of the slides. It is a large file so any issues you can email, just reply to any of our emails and it will be take care of.