Thank You for participating in the Workshop

This is a great starting point – now for the next step to keep it going

Thank you

Givi and I would like to thank you for participating in the workshop and providing feedback.

The project has been a great learning experience for all that participated. Thank you also for your hard work during the day, we know it is not always easy, we also know it was tempting to hold back at times but you kept going.

We are working on an option to extend this aspect of the project and Givi will be in touch shortly. Our aim is to see how we can continue with follow-up meetings and also sharing of insights going forward.

During this week we will:

  1. Send you a PDF for your customer journey mapping as well as some guidelines
  2. Send you a summary email that is specific for your business, this will be based on our discussions during the day.
  3. Send you a copy of the slides.

Naturally if you have any questions just emails us and if you would like to connect with either of us you can do so on the links below:

Givi – LinkedIn connection here.

Edward LinkedIn connection here.