The goal is to make the sale, keep the customer, and keep the customer coming back for life, right?


But the methods of keeping this system in place has started to shift. If your business isn’t ready to evolve, you’re going to lose business and will already be feeling the pinch.

What is the best way to get ahead in this emerging world of customer empowerment? Honestly?

It’s to understand it and secondly to act accordingly.

In the past, customer habits fell into a somewhat linear conversion path or were filtered through a funnel. Along the way, with the right touch points and elements of customer service, the sale would be secured. People, in those days, would remain somewhat loyal.

In today’s world, consumers want what they want whenever they want it, on their terms and if you don’t have it or don’t appeal to them, they’ll find another option. On the surface it appears unpredictable, but yet is it not! People don’t need a salesperson like they did in the past. They’ve already done their research or are happy to do it for themselves. Embrace this new reality instead of expecting it to go back to the way things “used to be.”

Businesses need to be ready to embrace the modern, multi-channel options. Be happy to lose the illusion of having control, in reality it was never really there in the first place. Make sure to understand your customer journey. Engage with customers as they go through it. This includes having more than just a brochure for a website and more than just an analytics account. It means embracing them on a variety of paths customers take on their way to make a purchase. This includes online platforms, off-line options, and most of all to be engaging.

If you’re not speaking the customer’s language in a way that they want, chances are they won’t be speaking yours.

Work towards accepting and implementing this new reality, while not easy, is the way to business growth. There is no silver bullet. Listen. Understand. Implement. Repeat.

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