Digital Scorecard for Consultants

We offer a one day consultant training event enabling consultants to get to grips with Digital Scorecard and how you can use it with their clients. Most of these sessions are done on a one-to-one basis with the designer of Digital Scorecard, Edward Nugent. If you wish to express interest in this program complete the form to get in touch. As it is a one-to-one style of event, naturally the number of places is quite limited. We also have open events and seminars that allow for an introduction. These initial events are part of the rollout of Digital Scorecard and all our tools for Consultants and Agencies.

Digital Scorecard and Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding how customers buy is a crucial part of designing your business in a digital world. In this training course we use a set of tools that enables you to map your customer journey and better understand how to help your customers buy more from you. This session is a mix of discussion and workshop with a great deal of time spent on the workshop element. You therefore leave with your own customer journey map and tools to take it forward.

How to Design your Business for a Digital World

In this real-world event we review different business designs in the context of digital. We then work on your business design during the event. Like most of our sessions this can be done individually or as a group. You leave with your business design on a canvas that you can continue to work with an implement.