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I think the Digital Scorecard really made me understand the power of working with Digital integrated in the business strategy

– Seminar Participant, 2020

A selection of our training modules

Each one is designed based on what we know works and what you need to make the most of digital. In addition they are all pragmatic so you can use the material on your business, in the training modules.

Digital Strategy Seminars

This seminar shows you how to build a Digital strategy to grow your business. Each Seminar has its own flavour. We cover how the basics of buying psychology drive your business and your Digital strategy. In addition, during this seminar we go a step further. We will bring many of the Digital strategy concepts to life and walk you through the Digital strategy journey. Then you can see exactly how Digital can work for your business right now.

Digital Strategy Workshops

Understanding how your customers buy is a crucial part of designing your business for a Digital world. In this workshop series we use a set of tools that enables you to map how your customers buy allowing for a deeper understanding on how to manage your sales activities so as to help your customers buy more from you. This is a workshop style event and you therefore leave with your own action plan and tools to take it forward.

Digital for Consultants

We offer a programme for consultants with the aim of enabling consultants to get to grips with Digital and Digital Scorecard tools so they can use these tools with their clients. As it is a one-to-one style of event, naturally the number of places is quite limited. We also have open events and seminars that allow for an introduction. These initial events are part of the rollout of Digital Scorecard and all our tools for Consultants and Agencies.

Designing your business for a Digital world

In this experience based workshop style event series we review different business designs in the context of Digital. We then work on your business design during the event. Like most of our events this can be done individually or as a group. You leave with your business design on a canvas that you can continue to work with an implement.

The Nature of Buying – an introduction

In this introductory seminar we focus on how people buy today and the implications for businesses. While we all see how Digital is changing how we live today, not all have discovered the consequences of this on their lives and businesses. This seminar covers the impact of the information age on business and how we need to adapt to it and how businesses can thrive. This is an ideal seminar to start out with and runs for 1 hour and is run once per month.

The Founder of Digital Scorecard

Edward Nugent | Digital Scorecard | Dublin

An expert in Digital with over 20 years experience.

Edward designs the training programmes and works with a number of consultants in their delivery. All programmes have two components that make them unique. They are all based on practical experience, not just theory. They are all focused on how to make use of Digital in a business.

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