Digital Scorecard has been launched in Sweden and will launch during 2017 in the UK. We have had our first launch event in January 2017 and we will be having more such events as well as meeting with perspective partners directly. The events or meetings are a chance to get to know more and to meet with both those that used Digital Scorecard and also with the developer, Edward Nugent. While any business can use and benefit from Digital Scorecard we have identified several partner types for the roll-out in the UK:

  • Consulting Companies (Strategy or Management Consultants with or without digital experience)
  • Technology Providers (such as CRM or marketing and sales systems providers or Martech businesses)
  • Marketing Agencies (those interested in the outcome of marketing campaigns not just spending on advertising)
  • ICT Companies (those that help their clients with systems and solutions supporting sales and marketing)

At the launch event you can find out more details about Digital Scorecard. You will also hear about the launch offer that we have available to the first 10 partners. An added incentive to attend one of our launch meetings and see how well Digital Scorecard can fit into your business.

If your business fits into any of the above categories it may well be worth your while taking a look at Digital Scorecard. Why not complete the form and we can send you more information. Then you can decide for yourself when we launch in the UK. Before all that, why not read what Professor Carl-Henric Nilsson from Lund University had to say about Digital Scorecard.

        “For the past 30 year across the globe, Balanced Scorecard has provided real business value in many if not all industries. Lately Business Model generation has taken up the mantle and greatly improved the result of business model engineering again globally and across many industries.

        Now we have come across Digital Scorecard which is here to provide the same value but with a focus on digital in improving lead generation, sales and customer care, all of which are of paramount importance for most companies globally as well as in most if not all industries. Digital Scorecard provides both an analysis of the current performance of a company and concrete suggestions for implementing efficient sales and marketing processes. It is surprisingly easy to use and cuts through a lot of the jargon frequently associated with digital. It reduces the knowledge barrier but holds to a high standard, I highly recommend it.

Prof Carl-Henric Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden.

        Digital Scorecard is an ideal tool to use to see how well a business is doing in sales and marketing and in particular in its use of digital. It is very much a consultative process to help a client have a holistic approach to digital. Naturally you can see why it is ideal for many companies to start using Digital Scorecard with their clients.

To help we have also designed some packages that you can offer to your clients. The packages mean that our partners can add real value to their clients when using Digital Scorecard. We provide the templates and packages to support our partners that wish to add Digital Scorecard to their portfolio. We also have training where you can be accredited and then use the badges and levels associated with our approved consultants. During the roll-out phase we are offering some special deals to partners of Digital Scorecard including additional training and support as well as preferential package terms.

Why not find out more about becoming a partner in the UK by completing the form.


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What Others Say

“Digital Scorecard offers a unique digital tool for consultants to advise clients in the areas of digital transformation, strategy, and sales & marketing. Not only does the tool add an additional dimension to our consultant toolbox, it provides significant value for our clients to initiate their digital agendas, or improve and adjust their existing ones.”

Givi Kokaia, Kunskapspartner AB, Lund, Sweden