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Doing what you like is one of the most important motivators for doing a good job. With that said we do not tell you what to do, you can select from many different areas that suit your skills as well as what you like. Here are some of the areas we are working with that need your help:

We have a roadmap for the development and commercial rollout of Digital Scorecard. So far Digital Scorecard Pro has been primarily used by independent businesses that want to improve their use of Digital for business growth. We have also had great success together with our Swedish partner as part of a state-wide programme. We are right now adding more features and options for a September release and a subsequent one in November. There is lots to work with and learn on this core product. If you want to understand how companies can better use Digital for business growth this might be something for you.

We are inventing a way of mapping Digital tools (MarTech & SalesTech) to the Digital Scorecard Framework. A beta release will happen in September and an ongoing project is planned. We are putting a lot of resources into this project which will come with its own website/portal. If you like technology and understanding what companies offer this is an exciting project for you.

We are also heavily involved in shaping a new Digital tool that helps businesses see who is advertising what and where. A complete repository (database) but published and organised for decision making. We are 2 years into this project and it is now in beta. If you like data and marketing this could be something for you.

Another project that is soon moving to beta is a portal related to the skills we need for a Digital world. We plan an initial launch in Sweden as a JV and we will take it from there. If you like skills tests, competence, leadership and learning this may be something for you.

If you have something else in mind we are happy to talk to you. We have very few rules but we have some that we live by. They include, no office politics, being direct, have integrity and freedom. We get results and it is a given that you work hard and manage your own time based on your goals and objectives.

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