Something to show and verify your knowledge

Digital Scorecard training opportunities to boost your Digital competence

A selection of our Accredited Certifications

Each programme we design has learning objectives. We also certify participants so they not only can show their knowledge but also prove it. We use the international system by Accredible platform, the digital badge and accreditation platform. This allows you to prove your knowledge to prospective employers and also add it to your LinkedIn profile, helping to distinguish you from the crowd.

Digital Accelerator Certification

This programme is our flagship programme for those that want to know more about Digital and take action. Over a 10 week intensive programme you get to grips with Digital for your business. You can find out more details by clicking here.

Digital Scorecard Consultant

Digital Scorecard consultants have gone through the consultant training programme and know enough about the Digital Scorecard Framework to work with clients and help them navigate. It is a great way to help businesses to structure their use of Digital and so it is very popular with consultants. The certification helps consultants to distinguish themselves from others as they will know how to help their clients with their Digital strategy.

Digital Scorecard Advisor

Digital Scorecard advisors have not just gone through the consultant training programme but also worked with at least 10 clients, helping them to navigate their way through digital using the Digital Scorecard Framework. The advisor status is a great way to show that you not only know the theory but you have also used it with at least 10 companies.

Digital Scorecard Professional

Digital Scorecard Professional is a Certification reserved for those that can support and train other consultants. The Professional status is a great way to show that are a trusted Digital Scorecard consultant that helps support the consultant community.

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